Features catching Chub on the float

Fishing for Chub on the float is widespread in the countries inhabited by this fish. Float fishing has a number of nuances that are associated primarily with the fact that the Chub are biting well in both the upper and lower layers of the reservoir.


The efficiency of fishing methods and lure types, depending on the time of year. If you catch Chub on the top, the optimal options are considered bait a crust of stale bread, flies, grasshoppers, flys. If the bottom of the liver, berries, corn, live bait. But as for the catch special influence have seasons, it is interesting to know that in early spring, better bait worms, Nightcrawlers and bloodworms, simply does not exist. A little later appears the bait is a favorite treat of the Chub – chafer, and displaces all others.

Spring fishing for Chub at the may beetle

Late spring is the time for successful fishing. When may beetles appear – Chub ignores all other bait. And taken eagerly to be fed exclusively by the may beetle. That may be especially pleasing to the angler at this point is the size of the fish that gets hooked. Because, most often, on Khrushchev’s hunting is big chubs.

Float hunting tactics are quite simple. For starters Chub need to be fed, so he got excited and lost carefully. Determine the place where the fish behaves more vividly. After make a reproach, ottalkivayas float the bait downstream. Experienced anglers take notice that such approach bites occur on every transaction, and peck quite large fish.

Float fishing for Chub in the summer

When in the gardens filled with young corn, we have a new round of hunting for Chub. Corn boiled until soft and becomes incredibly fragrant. If the pond is close to home, you can instill in her chosen area of the reservoir a few days or at least 18-24 hours. Fishing is necessary to conduct a transaction, choosing places near deep pools (up to 1.5 meters in depth). The results will exceed all expectations! Bite Chub occur on every cast, and other fish too often, as it is not against to eat.

Another great summer way of catching Chub on a cherry. It is recommended to fish this way on a quiet over from the bottom.

Traditionally, fish Chub on a stale crust on top. This option is simple and wonderful. Feed the fish is not necessary. Small (preferably water-filled) float on a long leash go far downstream. The bread stays on the surface and needs to be monitored closely. First, there is bleak, but for them there, eagerly grabs the bait Chub.

In the heat, the Chub are most actively biting on grasshoppers, flies and horseflies. The disadvantage of fishing in the heat is the fact that the Chub is most often small. Still, several large you to catch likely to succeed!

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