Features carp fishing in winter

Catch carp taken in spring and summer. Most anglers believes that winter can’t catch it. But the real carpatica winter is not afraid, and they go fishing to catch sufficient number of fish. Any caught carp they take the trophy, especially if the fish is really big.

But just be warned that catching carp at this time of year still very difficult.

To determine the location of the Parking lot at the carp pond is the most simple fishing. Carp very rarely change their place of residence, so it can be fished in the same places, which use, for example, a year ago. On an unfamiliar body of water need to pay attention to fallen trees and other cluttered places. Such places are perfect hiding spots for carp, and they are happy to hide out there.

If water depth is less, then look for it becomes more difficult. When choosing the location be aware that carp really like light, so look for it in well-lit areas.

To fishing in the winter was successful, will have to be patient. Carp are constantly on the move in the pond.

In winter you can meet the carp in places where the river flow streams, as there is a stable temperature. You also need to pay attention to the reed-beds, and deep holes on the bottom. Is that carp don’t feed in a month. But then their activity is significantly improved.

In cold water carp is easier to draw out, he resists not so much.

Choose the tackle to snag seats is very difficult. For such places to choose special gear. If the bite is not a long time, you should use a smaller spoon.

Often it happens that the carp does not respond to bait at all, but willingly eats the bait. In this case, too, you can try to reduce the size of the hook.

The carp is very fond of bait fish with flour. Using this bait, the catch is guaranteed, even if caught in awkward places. Also keep in mind that carp even in the winter the requirement in fats, and let him not eat a lot at this time.

When fishing in winter you need to use in turn several different baits. Even in the winter sometimes there are bursts of activity of carp.

If you don’t use bait, lots of fish to catch will not work.

Loves carp baits of animal origin, such as worm. Bait have to smell carp can not resist the strong odors.

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