Features carp fishing in the spring

Experienced fishermen fishing for spring carp is divided into two periods. The first is the period before spawning, the second – the so-called posledeistvie. In every period the behavior of the carp kind, and when catching this fish you have to take into account.

So, let’s consider the features of carp in each of the periods:

The pre-spawning period

With the first thaws, the water level in rivers and lakes is significantly increased, and the water flooded some areas of the shoreline. It is these places at this time attracts many fish. Is no exception and Carp. First in these places, the water warms up much faster, and secondly, in the flooded water on the shores of the many sources of food that is attracting the carp.

Regarding the appetite of this fish, it should be noted one little feature. The warmer the water is in rivers and bays, the voracious carp become. Therefore, when significant cooling in spring, carp becomes more sluggish, and its bite is greatly reduced. Particularly clearly expressed in the period of the cold spring rains. At such times the fishing of this fish is almost meaningless!

In early spring, more actively behave small carp. This is because the belly of adult fish stuffed with eggs and milk, which makes it possible for large animals a lot to eat. Therefore, in doirectory period, the largest individuals eat little but often. So with food in this time you need to be very careful not to overfeed the fish. You can not say about the little things, which at this time is very active, gaining fat after a winter of starvation.

Besides that, adults usually try not very much, he is also very careful. At this time, the water is still very clear. Therefore, the carp first carefully examine its prey before the meal. Hence, too bright baits is better to abstain. Corn, bright Boyle and penoplena balls is better not to apply. Such bait in the clear water cause fish suspicion, and most likely it will refuse such bait. In addition, because fishing for carp at this time occurs at shallow depths (to 2 meters) not far from shore, the angler must be masked and absolute silence.

As for bait, we need to be very careful as its quantity and its composition. It should not be nutritious and contain bright colors too. Overdo it with food, You just feed so not very hungry carp, in the second case, too bright and not natural components just guard and scare off the carp. It is best to focus on the aroma of the bait, which will give much greater effect. The most current bait with the addition of protein. It can be well crushed feed for poultry or other products containing protein. The amount of bait used should not be significant.

After the spawning period

The main features of this period is the warm spring weather. At this time the introduction is already active reviving vegetation, and the carp there is a huge forage base, both vegetable and animal origin. Flowering and rebirth from sleep various plants give the carp a good vegetable food, in turn, various larvae of butterflies, beetles, who at that time literally flooded the water is also a great food for fish. By the way, the use of such larvae in the bait gives excellent results. But to get this bait so hard, so very many anglers abandon them. Although a very good reason.

But the most nutritious base for carp after the spawning period there is vegetation. New plant shoots, tender stems of underwater flora is a favorite delicacy of carp. It is in such places and need to find the fish. Although many fishermen ignore this rule and looking for a carp somewhere in the deep, far from shore.

If You still believe that Bush will not catch, you can try to catch in the shallow areas near the rocks and driftwood. In these places many leeches and snails that just loves a big carp. At this time, to give priority need areas with a muddy bottom, where a lot of bloodworm, aquatic worms, and all sorts of nutritious microorganisms.

Towards the end of the spring can already begin to use a brighter bait. At this time, greater efficiency begin to give a sweet fruity smells. Therefore, they need more to add to the groundbait. Compared to the first months, the amount of bait need to be increased significantly. Already no need to fear that carp can be overfeed. But of course everything must be within reasonable limits.

As in doirectory period in late spring carp still tries to give preference to the bait of animal origin. Bloodworm, worms, various larvae, and leeches are the most effective baits. Therefore, from experiments with vegetative or artificial baits in the spring is better to abstain.

And last, but one of the main requirements of any fishing. Going fishing, try to learn as much as possible of the benefits of fish in the area. After all, every body of water with carp its advantages. Good awareness training on the location of Your fishing is a good successful fishing.


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