Features carp fishing in the fall

Many fishing enthusiasts with the onset of autumn, and as a consequence cold weather, thinking that the most successful catches are already behind, throw rods on balconies and attics, thereby making a very big mistake. Because in the fall the carp starts quite active feeding period. Experienced fishermen know this and gladly go on the rivers and lakes that would receive the pleasure of catching this handsome, strong and big fish.

Of course, fall fishing is different from summer, in the first place a more serious approach to the selection of clothes, tackle, bait, bait, and of course the choice of the place of fishing. It is also important to pick up and weather conditions. But let’s discuss it in order:


Best caught carp in the warmer Sunny weather. This does not mean that if the night was cold, fishing the day you need to put a cross. No, rather the contrary. The first frosts say that big carp starts the active phase Jora. Therefore if, after a frosty night in good clear weather ( and usually after a frost such is the case), is not only possible but also need to go to catch carp. But we should not think that cloudy and windy weather are one hundred percent ring-no biting. Correctly chosen place can completely make up for this problem.

The choice of a place of catching

Looking for the place of carp fishing, use the first two simple rules: If You are in the summer or fall caught this fish, at what places, and You came across good specimens, be sure to try your luck this time. Carp fish is constant, and if he chose a place, and there he is, as a rule, constantly.

If the site of the future fishing You are not familiar with, try to test your luck in the most seemingly difficult areas of fishing near snags and various hollows, where the carp will be prepared to spend the winter.

When choosing a location you also need to know one little secret. Try to choose the place of fishing with neutrano side. At this time the wind did not so much affect the movement of fish as in the winter, but the fish is already trying to go downwind. Especially if it’s warm. Therefore, the carp in this windy weather, prefers to accumulate near driftwood, reeds on the windward side.

The choice of bait

In order to provide a good biting of a carp, it must first lure into the fishing spot. It is necessary to use a correctly prepared bait. Frost kill in the water a lot of nutritious vegetation, which fed the carp. Moreover, in autumn to him as soon as possible to stock up on fat. So, given these factors, the carp prefers nutritious food, and therefore reacts to the smell of the oils of animal origin. Special efficacy of different bait with the addition of fat capelin or mixed fish oils. Also well-established oil feeding trout. Add it to the bait significantly increases the activity of carp. Also these oils can dunk the bait. The effect is very good.

As for the main filler here bait for carp fishing is not almost nothing no different from the summer. The only thing you need to know to do a little more emphasis on more nutrient mixture and be sure to apply bait in the bait, which You catch. The amount of bait need to dose small amounts that would not overfeed carp.

The choice of bait

Everything is very simple. Catch carp in the autumn is best for Boyle. Do they need floating. This is because in the fall the bottom of rivers and lakes, especially near the coast, is littered with various leaves, deposited in aquatic vegetation and sticks of trees. To avoid a hook it would be better if Boyle will go on the bottom.

As for the composition, when making them, be sure to use those oils and fats that are added to the bait. That mix of fish fat, oil or capelin oil for feeding trout. This enhances the attractiveness of the bait, thereby increasing the catch.

As well there is a carp, and boiled corn. But it is better to give preference bolam.

Range of equipment

In autumn the water becomes very clear and clean. So your snap-in should be selected in such a way that it was almost invisible in the water. First of all it concerns the line. Select the line as thin as possible (of course within reasonable limits). Best for autumn carp fishing suitable fishing line made of fluorocarbon. It is virtually invisible in water.

Also, special attention should be paid to the hooks. Carp, though hungry at this time, but biting is already sluggish. Therefore, the hooks should be as sharp, that would fall asleep at the slightest cutting.

All other requirements are no different from summer fishing. Catch carp mostly in bottom gear. In some cases, float.

Well, the last thing you need to know going in the autumn to catch carp – don’t forget to dress warmly. Autumn weather is very changeable. Mornings can be warm Senec, and dinner cold wind. So, for that fishing would bring You only pleasure, and did not torture wear more warm clothes, or at least take them with you. This is especially true of cloaks against the wind and rain.

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