Features carp early autumn

With the approach of autumn, begin to recede the hot and muggy summer days. At this time, the temperature of the water in all reservoirs is gradually reduced. Fish is very sensitive to the onset of winter without enough food. It is at this point manifested the activity of feeding carp. To cold he needs to have time to get fat in time to before the next season to fatten the calf.

The most active carp feeding in the clear bright days. In cloudy weather there is a decrease in appetite, and almost always bite disappears at the onset of the first frost. Water when the temperature becomes lighter. In connection with the increasing illumination of the water, the need to choose deeper, as the fish (especially big carp), loves hiding places.

In order to catch the «average» carp weight not exceeding two kilograms, fit the usual float rod with fishing line thickness to 0.2 mm This gear can be considered quite durable. But to catch the large instance, the distance from the shore should be great, and the fishing line the thinner the better. In this case, you can use a spinning reel for casting long distances, with a reel, fishing line, which will fit about 200 to 300 m.

With the direct setting of the gear you need to make sure that the weight, the leash and the float will not attract much attention. But the baited hook should be adjusted so that it lay on the bottom. Since the carp fish is tricky, it feels great thick, hard line. Therefore, as the leash you need to use a soft braided line from fishing line. What would the hook with the bait not scared of a carp, the bait can also be put on special, very thin hair attached to the hook. In this case, carp will not be afraid to approach the bait, but it will suck the hook with her.

The bite can be very strong and fast, so the bait should always be kept in the hands of, or be closely fixed on the ground. The bracket that holds the line on the spool needs to be raised up to the fishing line when the line is free to otmelivaetsja. And only when fighting a fish, the fishing line need to let go, to pull. If the bow will be down, with a sharp bite and well secured the rod, the line can not sustain and break.

This time of year, the carp eats everything. But there are days when the bait has to be changed several times until it becomes clear what he likes the most today. It is always better to have a few baits, and change them one by one. Also you can combine them with worm bloodworms or maggots. A kind of «sandwich», very often you have to taste this fish, especially large specimens.

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