Features April fishing

The month of April this period, when the ice is gradually fading away, and slowly comes the stage of the summer fishing. Spring flows carry purified and oxygen enriched water. Making the fish become very active and hungry. It comes real hunger, and she will be happy to eat any lure and bait. Fly fishing takes place in open water from ice. Winter gear are cleaned by fishermen before next winter, and in the course of going with a float rod, «donkey» and spinning rods. Summer fishing rods is carried out on the sand banks there for more than a slowdown, so the water is cleaner. Somewhere in the middle of April, the fisheries authorities introduced a ban on fishing. Fish can only be fished in designated areas, and use only one tool for fishing with a minimum of hooks. Most often it is the fishing rod. It is forbidden to catch even the fish that have already rejected their eggs. In April, under the fall spawning perch and pike. And the bream, Chub and roach on the contrary ready to lay their eggs.

In this period of the month move in fish occurs both day and night. Good biting starts in the bass. He is caught by rotating or winter baits, worm bait, bloodworms . Perch is so hungry that is not a problem with the output and cutting. Well you’ll be biting and pike. So the pike is very strong and is free to wrest the rod from the hands of the angler, it is best to use a strong twine, well sharpened hooks and metal tips. Caught as well pike, but the company Jora has short though active. One of the good ways of fishing is fishing on the Donk with the use of live bait. In the role of live bait can be fish such as gudgeon, verkhovka and bleak. To impose such a fish should live directly. She pushed the lip on the hook. The fish is better to change the passage of time, as fresh and live more attractive for the predator. Live bait in April can take som. Caught on the float rod begins Rudd, ruff, gudgeon, crucian, bream. In General, during this period the range of fish is very diverse.

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