Features and secrets of fishing in the winter

Winter fishing — are admired by millions. And from the summer it is significantly different. Winter in many regions of Russia lasts from November to late April. To sit for hours in the hole in anticipation of the next bite is a pleasure that nothing can compare. And it is impossible to convey the joy you feel happy, the owners of several small trophies. Not everyone can understand the man who is fond of winter fishing.

Many believe that ice fishing is a reason for men to on the weekends to run away from home and spend time with friends, however, such among the fishermen is not enough. Most people get great pleasure from this.

Winter fishing in recent years has become not only a male occupation. It turned into a family affair. Many women today can seriously compete with their men.

To catch fish in the summer is a manageable problem. Warm weather, clean clear water in which you can clearly see the movement of fish and to choose the place for fishing is easy, but catches in the winter much more difficult. However, each year the ranks of fans of winter fishing is continuously updated.

With the advent of the first ice fishing is always good. With the advent of secrec, fish moved to the coast, where it is easier to feed. When in danger she goes to the river. The largest individuals at this time are kept at the border of the jet and tikhovolya, and in the evening and the morning approaches the coast.

After the ice cavity is established, it is possible to reach any area on the pond. But sometimes, because of the thick ice is very difficult to find a place for fishing. Experienced fishermen usually rely on intuition and their own experience. Fish at this time is held where there is abundant vegetation, in places of inflow in the reservoir of small rivers and streams.

For good fishing it is worth to look at the pond frosted ice. Such ice does not transmit light and is on the ice fisherman don’t scare her with his shadow. Moves through the reservoir in winter as quietly as possible without creating unnecessary noise. Fishing in winter requires peace and quiet.

A good tactic when fishing in the winter is tempo search that involves a quick examination of the intended area of fishing. At this time, takes a good perch, roach, rotan also possible to hunt and pike.

If you have a goal to catch a big one you need in your gear to have a depth gauge, as the fish in winter is usually found at a depth of about 2 meters and more.

To drill holes it is necessary that the distance between holes was no more than 5 meters, so it will be possible to determine the depth of the reservoir.

Clothing is another important point. In casing you will not freeze, but to drill a large number of holes can not, because the risk in the clothes to evaporate.

The perfect combination will be thermal underwear and a thin wool sweater with pants. On top you can wear a parka or jumpsuit. Similar outfit a bit of weight.

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