Far Eastern cat, its habits and habitat,what you need to know hunter

Far Eastern or Bengal cat belongs to a class of carnivorous mammals of the family of small cats. In appearance the wild the predator is very similar to domestic cats, but the size is a bit larger, there are also different colour options. Animals live on the territory of Eastern and southern Asia. The cat’s body is elongated, muscular, and dense, the head is small. I live in the southern parts of the cats have yellow coat color, and in the North mainly gray-brown. Throughout the body there are small black spots, and the head has black stripes. The tail reaches a length of 25-40 cm and total body length is 90 cm, rounded Ears, tassels on the ears do not exist. In winter, the body of a cat and covered with dense and lush coat that sheds in the spring and become darker. Legs of medium length with small claws.

Far Eastern cat lives on the slopes of low mountains, dense thickets, meadows with high grass, coppices, river and lake and in the reeds. Love to live near water, well living in the savannas and coniferous forests. Near habitation, often you can find the Amur wild cat. Wild cats avoid open areas and land with traces of agricultural activities.

The far Eastern diet of the cat consists of rodents, birds, squirrels, chipmunks, except small game Polyet hares, young deer and deer. Often in the food are insects and frogs. Look for foods which can both day and night. Night vision cats well developed as hearing. The victim creeps silently, aided by soft growths on the legs. Prey hunts from ambush and catches up with her several jumps. When danger flees and hides in the trees. Wild cats are good at climbing trees and rocks, swim. In extreme cold it can get in the house or garden to feed on rodents.

The breeding period occurs from February to March, the male and female form a pair. Kittens appear in may, they first blind and helpless, then 2 weeks at them eyes open. Cat all this time actively protects cubs and moves them from place to place. The male also takes part in the upbringing of offspring.

Industrial hunting on the far Eastern cats are not maintained. In China cats are mined for their valuable fluffy fur. Import to European countries is prohibited, but in Japan still continue to accept cat hair. Far East the cat is not endangered, but in some areas, the accommodation of cats, their number significantly decreased.

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