Familiarity with jerkbait fishing

Make their first impression of the newcomer is so popular and widespread technique of catching fish as Jarkova, possible already using the name: «jerk» in English means «pull». And here it seems that there is something simple and incomprehensible and can not be: the transaction should be jerks – that’s all. However, it is necessary to elaborate such a method of fishing, as elsewhere, there are nuances and pitfalls.

Experienced fishermen declare with one voice that jirkova fishing can give new and unforgettable sensations, it has great entertainment and amusement, it provides a huge variety of types of animation, and is considered one of the most creative and imaginative methods of fishing.

The only drawback jerkbait fishing is the fact that the standard kit that consists of garkavogo heavy rigid rods, reels, braided fishing line, jerkbait and leashes, will be much more expensive than tools for conventional method of fishing. Another caveat would be that gergovie tackle is a powerful large-caliber weapons on major trophies, which must be able fine use.

Gergovie rods

Since the jerking is quite a specific technique, it dictates a characteristic unusual ultimatums to the rod, which should:

  • have a length of 1.8 m to 2.1 m;
  • to be equipped with the appropriate test to prevent damage;
  • have necessary procedures that would allow convenient to throw and productively carry out the jerk;
  • equipped with a «trigger holder»;
  • to be loving, to withstand the maximum load;
  • to be equipped with a bait casting reel.

Jirkova bait

Jirkova classic equipment — uniform not a quick retrieve with regular jerks. In the case of the use of Gorbatov-gliders works great imitation of a wounded fish, that is, the bait is set zigzag course, the tempo, the force and speed of winding and the corresponding amplitude. It can be done, with important and ground-breaking experience of trial. It is best to start training with floating bright garbata weighing up to 40 grams and in the water where very good visibility.

When You use a sinking lure works well, after the cast, you must wait until your bait hits the bottom, then a few times to pull the line, make a small pause and release the tension on the fishing line.

Jirkova fishing is of two types: sabres fishing or trolling. The second method (fishing boats) has a lot of advantages over fishing from the Bank in a situation when there is no any opportunity to throw a lure to a remote location or a heavy wind does not allow to make a sighting shot. In addition, trolling gives you the opportunity to more accurately sh in a variable bottom topography, edges, reeds, clumps of grass or the coastal edge.