Fall fishing roach

With the arrival of autumn, as a rule, decreases not only temperature, but water. And as a result, the algae begin to die and fall to the bottom. And with aquatic plants and animals that live in the waters, start to go to the bottom to dig into the silt, bottom debris, and fish becomes less available. But by mid-autumn the fish is almost ready for the winter holiday, that is stocked with fat. And so this great need for food anymore.

Fish at this time become less active. As a result, the fish becomes quite reduced. But if it is all right to think and change tactics of fishing, the roach at this time you can catch with equal success.

And yet, where is the best place to catch the autumn roach?

Roach at this time of year from summer habitats not out, but just fall a little deeper. This fish prefers quiet bays, the depth of which can be more than a meter, what matters is that at the bottom there was a small amount of silt, and abundant algae. For this purpose suitable shallow pits near the coast with cliffs and trees hanging down to the water. On the borders of thickets of reed, cattails and clean water roach as common. At this time of year, roach strays in large flocks and begins to go into deeper places.

In order to successfully catch the roach in the autumn, be aware that the water becomes much clearer than in summer, so fish activity is reduced. And therefore gear for the fall fishing you have to choose, given all of these autumn changes. The rod must be very light from 5-7 meters long, and the line it is best to take from 0.006 to 0.08 in diameter. The carrying capacity of the float should choose from 0.3 to 0.4 m, and hooks №20-22.

What better way to catch roaches?

And what bait is best for fishing in the fall? At this time of the year, roach is trying to find places where bodies of water flow into small streams and rivers, and not against the places, where the ravines and ditches adjacent to the water. It is in these places and washed away a large enough quantity of feed. As well as steep banks very often blurs and there is a collapse in the water of the soil, taking with him all his life, which attracts roaches as food. With the arrival of cold weather, the fishermen usually prefer to use a bait animal origin. Such baits include bloodworms, manure worm, various larvae, i.e. the larvae of caddis, crustacean-amphipod, grandmother and maggots. A good result can be achieved by catching roach on the meat of the shells. Nice roach caught on a moving bait, so experienced fishermen try to play with the bait.

Bait for catching roach in the autumn

Bait is needed to lure fish to the fishing spot, but also raise the appetite. But to not overfeed her, in the composition of bait should be small elements such as breadcrumbs, deep fried and milled oats, and sunflower meal. And a little secret for fishermen in the bait should be added to dry food for aquarium fish. The water for making the mixture it is necessary to take there where you are going to fish. So the bait is better to prepare at home, but the process of kneading should be done directly on the fishing. A little coastal soil can serve to weight your bait. In addition to the bait you can feel free to take roasted peanuts and egg powder. But to improve the quality of bait in it add finely chopped worms, small bloodworms and maggots. Balls for bait rolled the size of a tangerine. In order for your bait once on the bottom of the pond, rapidly disintegrated into small pieces, it is recommended to add or dry brew or baking soda with lemon. Under the influence of carbon dioxide, which secrete these compounds when wet, and there is a fault with your bags of food. And the bubbles, which releases gas, are a function of the additional attract the attention of fish. And we must not forget that bait in the fall is 99 percent consist of animal components, But the use of fatty oils, and many plant components need to limit. Caution should be applied to flavors, so in this time of year, bait with a strong smell scares fish rather than attract her attention.

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