Fall fishing predator

It is clear that with time, every angler have your own secrets, their own tactics.

Fall fishing predator a little like spring or summer fishing. You need to be aware of the changes that occur with the onset of autumn. Autumn gives more chances to the spinning to catch a predator than the summer. In summer, carnivorous fish food a lot, shoals of fry just everywhere. You may notice in this period, as any predator will lazily swim among swarms of fry, not paying the slightest attention to them. So he fed, and keep him interested is difficult.

With the arrival of fall changes everything. On the threshold of winter. And before the onset of severe cold weather, predator you need to be fat. And all predators begin to exhibit substantial activity. Together with a predatory fish, for winter begin to prepare waterfowl. Because of this the shoals of fry are divided into small flocks, which are much harder to detect. Also underwater vegetation dies, which greatly reduces the number of places suitable for ambush. Simply put, predators come not the best times, everyone plays against them. Neither of which the saturation is now not talking, and they eagerly throw themselves on everything that is edible. Rightly called autumn the best period for anglers.

Any experienced fisherman, taking into account the changes of this period, slightly adjusts his tactics of fishing. Predatory fish sinks to the bottom. And trying all the time to stay there. The most wonderful places in the fall of eyebrows. Well, if the difference of depths there is a large. You need to lure off the rocks at depth. Jig baits are best for fishing at depth. Using these baits you can cover a large part of the reservoir because they are versatile and work well at different depths.

You should pay attention to vibrohvosta. These tails are active for the game without it. The size of the bait it is advisable to choose more because of the lure of the big sizes like predators in the fall. Big bait will look very natural and will not cause suspicion among the fish.

The color of the baits in the autumn does not change. Which were successful in spring and summer, will bring the catch and fall.

The jig head should be as easy. But you need to follow the conditions of catching. If in the place of catching a large depth and a fairly strong current, then naturally the head should be heavier.

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