Fall fishing burbot

Each season catching burbot for his own good. But I want to mention is the autumn catch of burbot in the period between the first privaledges and late autumn. The process of catching burbot difficult, especially in late autumn, as the fish shows low resistance and stiffness, it is particularly contemplation. This is because when playing burbot has a high sensitivity to pain, although this is not confirmed reliably.

For burbot ordinary food are snails, mollusks, worms, small fish. Burbot prefers to hunt at night, it was during this period and need to catch him. The hallmarks of this fish is that he never chases the prey that is coming up. Significantly no one saw, but experienced fishermen these facts do not leave unattended. The most suitable bait for catching burbot becomes slightly washed ruff. The smell of a wounded ruff will instantly attract the attention of burbot. It is the touch – the main body of burbot at night. For bait suit and gudgeon, which lives on the bottom. They are most active on the hook. With their help it is possible to catch a trophy burbot.

It begins when the first ice, burbot biting starts. Nights burbot starts to scour in search of food in the bays or bayous rivers. For fishing you need to use or imitation fish or postawski. Thanks to the versatility of zherlits use them more often.

The best time for catching burbot – start of freeze-up and prior to spawning. During spawning, it is better to pause, as the fish will go in the upper reaches of rivers or in shallow water. After spawning, burbot returns to favourite places. Part of the fish after spawning are accumulated in areas rich in food, the other part remains in the river until the summer. Of gravity in cool places or spring waters are distinguished by burbot and contributes to its uneven settlement. Cold water helps to spawn burbot. In southern areas, burbot are small and less common.

The activity of burbot in cold water makes a successful catch of burbot in the fall. It becomes clear that fishing in the warm time of the year is meaningless. In stormy weather, burbot are most active, more than vigorously digging at the bottom.

Catching burbot on live bait – a simple lesson, if you correctly chose a place of fishing, time of day and time of year. An experienced fisherman could easily identify all three conditions. The place of catching the eye, of course, can not be determined. Only throw at random to find an appropriate cool place. Once you find a place, future catch provided to you.

If you have put postawski at night, it is mostly to restrict free running samozasiti burbot. Too long a working line and a small weight will help burbot is easy to go into snags. Out of it will be extremely difficult.

After the fish swallows the prey, he slowly begins to tighten, whereas, for example, pike or bream fade away. Taking the bait fully, burbot will move away to the side, thereby capturing the line deeper, until it has taken the hook. To catch burbot on live bait, relying on timely cutting is quite difficult, and even impossible. Burbot itself does not give, only when the fishing line will tighten and the procession begins in direction means that the fish took the hook. Method designed to samosatene. When you try to output, burbot, because of its weak resistance, will create the impression that the hook was hooked cancer.

There is an additional theory that burbot approaching the shore, when the reduced noise. It is therefore necessary to stock up on special patience and diligence to catch big burbot.


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