Extracted grouse on a Lek,how to act on the hunt for a good shot

Current hunting is a classic hunt with a gun, which has repeatedly said numerous hunting writers. The beauty and interest of such hunting is a good subject for stories, however, it is better to see a hunt in person. Independent production the courtship display of a bird is the dream of almost any hunter.

To arrive at the current need is premature, because the grouses begin to sing with the coming of dawn, many hunters come to popular places mating night to confirm the arrival of grouse.

Should list of arrivals of grouse and to detect in advance their location, then you need to move away to a safe distance, where the fire can wait until the morning of the hunt. There is the possibility of the roosters singing at night, however, it is preferable to wait until morning, since then to the current join all participants to the same risk seems in this case less.

During the approach to the current you can discern the last part of the capercaillie song, louder than clicks. If during the approach you hear the click, you need to be careful as the distance to it is about one hundred and fifty meters.

Extracted grouse on a Lek,how to act on the hunt for a good shot

Then you need to choose the capercaillie, which you approach, you should choose a range of birds from you. However, it is sometimes wise to choose a distant grouse to avoid scaring away several roosters, as one approach to the capercaillie song can ward off his neighbor, and he will move and what your goal is. Also important is convenience in the approach to the capercaillie.

Finally selecting your goal, come to the singing capercaillie. Hunting guides there is such a thing as the jump during the final part of the capercaillie mating or otherwise turning.

At this point the singing rooster is so passionate about what ceases to monitor the environment. In fact the jump is a couple quick steps in the direction of the target, to jump during the twilight, when visibility is poor you should not.

Because turning very briefly a few steps will be enough, but you need to come under the protection of bushes or stumps. No need to rush during the approach to the bird, sometimes it is better to bypass open countryside, Bush or swamps, while not scaring the grouse.

Even if you approach the grouse flush should be done carefully, and then aim and shoot. There are fans to shoot the song next in line of grouse, but the hunters beginners should not be doing it.

Only got one wrong movement, random sound does not fit into the song of the capercaillie and that he flew from the branch, and the valuable time spent on STO-len him lost.

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