Experience catching fish in the summer

Many inexperienced fishermen confusing Rudd with roach. In appearance, of course, the similarities are, well, habits – these fish are not similar to each other.

Roach, as is well known, usually lives in the lower layers, but Rudd prefers thickets. Here it is looking for. Little fish is in the grass at the top of the water, and big, trades in the gaps dense thickets. Rudd caught from late may until late autumn, before hibernation. It feeds on plant foods, insects and worms, slugs. So, you can go to the dung worm, preferably small and with the growth of grass in nature, on black bread.As the nozzle, it is desirable to use the dough with sunflower oil, and boiled dough, a large earthworm, steamed wheat, ant eggs, green algae, maggots, grasshoppers, bloodworm and others. To catch this fish you need to float the bait. The rod should be long, but as light as possible with a very sensitive tip. The line you want to use zero twenty millimeters, leash, zero fifteen. Rooms hooks — two – and-a-half to three. It is desirable to have the pen float and sinker – the shot (sometimes, it is necessary to refuse). To catch a Rudd recommended from sunrise to its decline. In the days when it is hot, the Rudd hiding in the thickets of grass and reeds, closer near bridges, cranes, Parking of vessels where there is vegetation. Here in these thickets, and to guide the hook attachment. But the best fishing is, «wiring», for after the flood when the fish goes in utahamerican streams and rivers. You should choose a location, to a depth of five feet with a straightforward, steady flow. Dressing attachment, such as the beetle, adjusting so he was moving at the bottom, start wiring. As soon as the float disappears, you will make a cutting. You will feel feel the tremors resisting you fish. Here it is, fishing happiness!

Rudd bite unusual. This bite ignites enthusiasm and passion of fishing. Know that joy. I wish you success.

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