Exciting fishing for asps in the spring

ASP behaves in the spring, like most fish, that is actively powered after the winter to spawn.

In different reservoirs of the country, spawning of this fish occurs at different times, but the period of spawning is in April – may when the water goes from the water meadows and the banks, buying their summer level.

In the spring the fish gather in flocks, so the fishing will be good and exciting, if you detect the place of feeding such a pack.

After the breaking of ice the fish are still holding in deep water, and shallow water will not find it.

ASP is 10 metres from the shore only if it is steep and deep pit is located right underneath.

In shallow water the fish comes already spawn. It can be found at pools.

The fishermen hunt the fish from the shore, are willing to use a spinning rod to three or more meters in length and heavy lures. In this case, it is possible to make long-distance casting.

The coil it is better to use spinning, spooling fishing line on the spool to capacity.

Fishing line needs to be braided, although the fish no sharp teeth, for this reason, a leash of metal is not necessary.

Undeniably believe a good color, fluorescent fishing line, which is easy to spot when fishing on the surface of the water.

Chub catches on everything that moves in his field of vision. Every fisherman picks up the bait for the fish, which he seems to be the most efficient, for example, as bait for fish goes well kastmaster. This is a fairly heavy spinner that can be used on long-distance casting.

Spoons that lure pike, too, can work when fishing for ASP.

Also use crankbaits, but they will not do long-distance casting.

In the early spring at a depth of catchability are jigs.

Finding the fish well to catch him in the moment of battle. Fish finds himself bursts that come from abrupt turns on the water surface. Casting is usually done when the next burst. ASP is usually face upstream. So the bait will be quickly noticed.

It is impossible to throw the bait, it should be lowered into the water quietly and without much noise, otherwise, frightened, the fish will go away from this place.

When the bait, ploughing the surface of the water, leaves her mark, and spinning is pulled back, the rod should gradually return to normal position. The fishermen note that in these seconds and sometimes bite.

If the response to the rebuke would be no, stay in place do not need to go in search of fish elsewhere.

The bite of the ASP causes the fisherman storm of emotions. It is often sudden and is felt in the form of strong impact, such that it is possible to lose sight of the hands spinning. The fish resists struggling, splashing, spray, spurts in the direction of flow — all this accompanies the process of pulling the fish ashore. It takes more than one minute.

ASP is a good trophy, so you need to take care of all the tackle and bait, think about tactics and the process of fishing.

In addition to fish, we still have to take care of themselves. Weather while fishing for ASP is often more cool and fresh, therefore the equipment of the fisherman must comply with it.

Well, if clothing is protective tone.

Some anglers use polarized glasses, in which you can see the fish before the arrest.

Human behavior must be cautious and silent: fish, of course, hungry after spawning, but she has good hearing and good eyesight. Even a single crackle or noise can prevent an exciting hunt for the ASP.

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