Everything you need to know about winter float fishing rods

Float rod in the winter has a small popularity among the fishermen of winter roads. And in vain, because in some situations float tackle is indispensable. With a weak catching it can work miracles.

Device, application and configure float tackle is not as simple as they seem at first glance. For this you need to gain knowledge, experience and skill. Only in this way you will be able to come back from fishing with a good catch.

Float rod in the winter.

Winter fish is very careful and witty. Therefore, float tackle should be almost invisible and have high sensitivity.

In the rod included: rod, reel, float, line and sinker.

When ice fishing to throw the tackle you need at close range, as the fish swims almost at the shore.

In this case, you will need a short spinning, no more than 40 centimeters. It’s only used for hooking fish, and the catch from the water by using a fishing line.

Spinning is a cone-shaped whip, it is screwed into the handle made from foam or wood. Thus, the rod becomes like a huge float, and even the largest and most stubborn fish will not be able to pull him into the depths. The coil is strapped directly to the arm. If the handle on the reel of foam, it is necessary to build in her weight of metal, so the rods will not be afraid of the wind.

In the winter time the fish is more relaxed than in the summer, but remains cautious, so you need a very thin fishing line, 0.20 mm it is Attached at the tip of the whip using a special hook.

The float should be sufficiently tangible and visible, because he takes the first sign of a biting fish. It can be painted in bright colors, so it will be much more noticeable. Form to float should be chosen in the form of a cone or cylinder.

It needs to be a couple of inches lower than the water level, so the rod will not lose its sensitivity in the cold.

For fishing sinkers use lead and tin, which are installed on 12 inches above the hook. The weight of sinkers depends on the course, more powerful than he is, the more will be shipped.

Hook choose at their sharpest. Its size depends on the bait. Bloodworms are well placed on the hooks 2 and 3. If the bait will become a piece of meat, bread or worm, it is best to choose hooks under the numbers 5 or 7. When fishing for fry perfect numbers from 8.5 to 10 with a long tip.

Float rod in the winter when fishing for bream.

Winter bream is at a depth, at the bottom, so sinkers for fishing will need quite heavy, they should exceed the lifting capacity of the float for 0.2 grams. The thickness of the twine – from 10 to 15mm.

The smallest and close the sinker is fixed at 10 inches from the hook. If the bad fish is caught, you can raise the weight by another 15 inches. In this case, the movement of the float will be smooth when maneuvering rod.

Float rod in the winter for carp.

Many anglers notice when fishing for carp often happens that he takes the bait, but immediately releases her and swims away. Experienced anglers argue that this happens in cases when the fish bumps into the line. Therefore, in order to catch carp, you need to detach the fishing line from the hook. For this purpose, the sinker is attached to the edge of the fishing line, and a short leash with a hook fixed at 8 inches from it.

It is important to choose the right float, it must sink into the water gradually. Drown him in depth, of approximately 8 inches, as when the fish bite the float rises to the surface, and the carp can see it ahead of time. A hook for catching the fish must have a long groove.

Winter fishing on the float rod.

Float fishing technique is considered the most simple and slow, because you can neverlet a few holes, install the gear, and just keep an eye on the float.

As soon as the float is pushed, once it is cut, because if you don’t hurry, the fish will break the hook. Try to determine the size and weight of the fish as larger specimens can easily break the line. In such cases, it is necessary to catch fish with your hands or baharicom.

Fishing in winter can be very successful, but it is necessary to have a good reaction, excellent eyesight and a modicum of experience with a float rod!

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