Everything you need to know about the Fox Terrier to choosing a dog for hunting

Fox Terriers were bred in England. Appeared in Russia in the late XIX century, which spread from Amateur hunters, especially in the middle belt of the country.

Now the Terriers widespread. As a result of natural factors, the species can now be both smooth-haired and wire-haired.

Appearance, growth and behavior

The Terriers have short stature, muscular and strong in appearance. Height for males ranges from 36 to 41 cm, females 2 cm less. Usually move fast gallop. Dogs are energetic, bold and incredulous. There are two color or tri — color with combination of white (primary), black, red or grey. Are completely white.

Smooth-haired dogs have a relatively long, rough, thick, close-lying hair, and wire – tight hair and a well-developed undercoat.

On your head natural hair for the mustache and eyebrows square.

Thin, elastic and tight skin without wrinkles. Bones strong, muscles bulging and strongly developed.

Wedge-shaped head, long enough. The forehead is narrow and flat. A pronounced chin, strong jaw. The black nose.

The dog’s ears are thin and small in the form of a triangle. They kind of stand out above the skull, hanging close to the temples. They are set slightly obliquely.

The eyes of Fox Terrier are small, dark brown or brown, sitting deep. Form almost circular. Dark eyelids.

Teeth large, strong, white and dense. Scissor bite.

Neck length equal to the head of a Fox Terrier. She is bent, extends in the direction from the head to the shoulders, high set. In relation to the body located at an angle of 50°.

The chest rather wide, oval-shaped, drooping almost to elbows feet.

Withers: in dogs, it stands out compared to the back line, especially boys. The back of the dogs is short, straight and muscular. The loin is slightly convex. Short and wide croup, slightly horizontally.

The forelegs are straight and parallel, close to the body and elbows are directed backwards. They constitute slightly more than half the length of the dog. Forearm robust and oval in cross-section.

Hind legs set well apart, straight and parallel, with pronounced angulation.

Small, rounded paws, fingers clenched.

A thick, tall tail, it is docked at 1/3.

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