Especially in the summer perch

Long-term observations of fishermen, established that summer is the best time for catching perch. Perch is a predatory fish found in seas, lakes and rivers. Has long been known that the change of the seasons, the fishermen need to make a change in the composition of the bait. For summer fishing is perfect as a float fishing rod and spinning. Some anglers use lures that worked well for perch.

Perch are often caught by fly fishing. The most effective fly fishing on calm rivers with slow current and lakes. Large fish live in the waters raised, covered with driftwood bottom. Uneven seabed is determined by the depth gauge. Not unimportant role played by weather conditions: prolonged hot weather there is a stratification of waters in warm and cold layer. Perch prefer a well-heated water, rich in grassy vegetation. Small individuals are often found near the bushes. Perches give your location during a hunt, when the catch of fry that are trying to escape, creating a commotion on the surface of the water. Seagulls living in the area of fishing, help you to find perches, as these birds feed on small bait fish and where there are fry, often predatory fish.

Fishing rod with bobber the most common method of catching perch. The main advantage of this method is the ease of fishing. The equipment includes the following elements: the rod, line, float, hooks, line and sinker. To increase the sensitivity tackle sinker and float are doing sliding. Float rod will allow fishing at different depths. I fish both from a boat and from the shore. As bait suit worms, maggots, moths and larvae. The last skewer or the top of the fin, or the upper lip. Fry, caught on the lip, rarely breaks down during sweeps. The type of bait depends on the conditions of fishing and the pond. It is recommended to find out from local residents what they catch perch.

Spinning sea bass fishing is very interesting and efficient way of catching perch. As a rule, the spinning catch large individuals weighing at least 0.5 kg of Bait on the spinning rod not required (use the spoon). It is recommended to trolling like «vertlach». This spoon is a petal, metal, oval shape, fixed between a few bullets. With this mount petal rotates freely around the fishing line and imitates the movements of a small fish. Night time fishing with spinning ineffective, as the dark fish sees the bait. Trolling is only possible in waters with a depth of 3 meters. The perch is a bold fish, so don’t throw spinning too far from the boat or from the shore.

Fishing on mormyshka is carried out from a boat. In the tackle includes fishing rod, reel, fishing line and lures. The scaffold should not be too thick, as the weight of the jig may not be enough in order to drown the line. Often used big, spherical jigs, dark colors, bold stripes on the leg and a small flat red and yellow colors. Big jig is attached to the main fishing line and the smaller one to a leash. To improve the efficiency of fishing on mormyshka put the bait: maggots, worms or bloodworms. To attract fish a jig is played in any form.

Best of all perch caught in the morning and malvernia cloudy days. With strong heat the perch moved closer to the surface and can be caught at depths of 1-2 meters. With cold perch fits close to the bushy banks, and with the onset of late autumn and winter sinks to the bottom and the bite deteriorates.


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