Especially fishing in the summer

Each season has its own characteristics. So in the summer there are nuances that should be considered in the period of catching fish as a novice angler and seasoned. After all, these things affect the success of fishing.

Before you go fishing, you should be ready to choose the fish you want to catch. In order to understand the kind of tackle you need to buy or bring. Because each fish has a special rod, designed for fishing.

If the fisherman decided to catch a bream he would need to get into the deep areas of the reservoir. But if decided to catch a Chub or barbel, you can catch a fish in the ground with the usual flow.

Attention! If fishing occurs in a new place, the angler should carefully examine the pond. In order to see where the algae, and where there is flow and where there are reeds and stones. At the new place, the angler needs to look for areas of clear but dark water between the streams of water.

In such places it could be lurking barbel or Chub. In deeper places, anglers can find bream or roach. In summer is very actively caught bream, which lazily floats away from the stream.

In addition, the bream tend to swim in areas the expansion of reservoirs where there are strong currents. To lure this kind of fish by using bait maggots or caster. Fishermen also advisable to look at the deepening from the shores of the reservoir.

In such places you can live large varieties of fish. Such as pike, barbel or Chub and perch, Carpiquet and other species of large fish. By the way, barbel and Chub can roam in the depths between the fast-flowing water. In addition, this type of fish is very active to hang out near depressions in the pond.

So feel free to cast your fishing rod in the dark places of water.

Barbel likes to hang out near the dam. This fish likes the bait of meat or grains of corn.

Also, the adult barbel can be seen from the shores of the reservoir. Perch and pike you can find in quiet or stagnant water. Chub can be caught pretty fast for using a bread bait, which you can make yourself.

Roach can be caught anywhere in the selected reservoir. Perfectly caught Roach on hemp seeds or special bait under the name «Wiki».

Bread works wonders.

Some fishermen used well to lure the fish with bread. Thanks to throw the crumbs, you can feed quite a lot of fishes, among which will be Chub.

Fishing night.

After a hot day at night in the peace and quiet implies a lot of species of fish in search of food. Therefore, experienced fishermen suggest fishing at night. If fishing is not the day, then do it at night.

Therefore, it is important to feed fish a day. If the bait swims in the water during the day, night, instead of feeding will be swimming hungry fish, which in the future will come across on a hook of the fisherman.

Due to the night chill, the fish become active and are trying to find, whether not to eat and then comes the fishing.

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