Especially fishing in the spring. Fishing during the spawning season. Jail instead of rods

Spring is the time of year that most freshwater fishes, spawning, or, as they say, «go to battle». In this period of time to catch fish is very simple, because for her the most important to produce offspring and to restore the energy spent on this clearly important activity. And stamina is recovered by consuming excessive amounts of food and fish for the most part is not fussy as to the quality, go for quantity.

So we can safely take the bait, dig worms and go fishing, the main thing — to guess the days of spawning. Being on the water, easy to identify spawning fish or not. As a rule, it is near the shore of ponds and lakes. But if you are not able to get out on the water every day and check, gone fish «in the fight», here you have the approximate time of spawning. Roach spawning begins from the moment when water temperature reaches 8 to 12 degrees, and if the weather is warm, it completes in 2-3 days. In Central Russia this is about the third decade of April, the pike perch, with a temperature of 7-11 degrees, bass are 15-16 degrees, bream and IDE — 12-15 degrees and the thermophilic — this is carp from 18 to 20 degrees. In General, spring spawning, the fish began around the first decade of April, they are predators and ends in late may — early June the fish breed carp.

There is an original method of fishing during the spring spawning season, fishermen impatient and restless — a prison, although for those who do not want to spend money on it, as it is quite expensive, the fit and slightly redesigned fork with sharpened like spears.

Take the Burg and go to the pond. Walking along the shore and look into the water, the fish is near the shore, spawn, sneak up quietly, trying not to rustle, take a good aim and hit. Just don’t throw spear, you are an Indian with a spear, and the second end of the hold firmly in their hands. After hitting look, if you got to someone, and if so, go in the water and groping for the hand of the fish, very often under the top can be another, and then two or three fish, but not completely broken, and if we try to raise jail, they will float.

By the way, this method of fishing is now added to the poaching and this is substantiated by the fact that you can hurt the fish, and it will go away, and eventually die. But this is currently disputed, as hunting with a harpoon gun is dangerous, but not prohibited.

Good luck to all the fishermen and do not forget to let the little fish, she’s worthless to you, but when you’re older, then it would benefit from.

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