Especially fishing for pike

A well-known fact for anglers is that the pike is the largest freshwater predator that reaches a length of five feet, weight 35 pounds. The average weight of the pike does not exceed 10 kg.

The most productive fishing for pike happens three times a year. First time in the period before spawning, which falls on the month of March and the end of the last month of spring and the beginning of June, the first autumn months. Best time of day for fishing for pike will be morning or evening, as during these hours, river the hunter goes on a search for food, well, and resting by day in reed beds or under the driftwood. The best weather conditions for fishing are the rain and the storm, in this weather the fish will not force the fisherman to suffer from expectations. But Sunny weather the pike do not like.

Pike well caught on a fishing rod with a float, spinning and bottom line (conventional or with rubberized shock absorber, suspension). Also successfully produce a trophy pike on a regular track or a water snake, mugs or imitation fish. Apparently, despite its predatory nature, pike easily caught on any fishing tackle. Experienced anglers still prefer fishing with a float rod. This method of fishing will be ideal for the river (where the weak current) and lake fishing in ponds or reservoirs.

Float rod for fishing freshwater predator must be strong enough, with a short rod, equipped with throughput rings, easily sliding float, coil. This gives you the opportunity as far as you can throw the bait. The float should be not smaller eggs, and the diameter of the fishing line need to ensure durability (ideally d=0.3-0.4 mm). Two mandatory components are the leash from metal, line and sinker. Attachments for hooks you can use both single and triple, a necessary condition, size 5-10. The best option bait for a predator, quite logically, would be the bait. For that anglers put on single or double hooks small fish, e.g., minnows or small carp, roach or loaches, loaches and groupers. And drop the bait about 50 cm from the bottom of the selected fishing spot. Do not forget that if fishing is happening with float fishing rod, then a long stay at one place will not bring more than two pikes.

The least popular river hunt for pike with spinning. For the most productive catch is to use specialized lures for fishing for pike, the range is quite large. These include spinner bait under the name «cascade» and «universalka», «Baikal» and «curtains-Lek», «Norway» and «spoon», «success», and many others. If the trip is planned for big pike, you should buy I will flash fluctuating type. To increase the likelihood of a quick bite, you can use colored threads that are attached to the tees, or put a dead fish. This significantly increases the chances of a good and effective bite. Pike are pretty energetic and nimble fish hitting a lure, she begins very sharply to move, to rush in different directions, to rise above the water like Bouncing, vigorously move my head. If caught the minnow, pike goes fishing with an open mouth, it is necessary to slightly loosen the line, or it may break. After pike’s calmed down a bit and close mouth as quickly as possible you need to strike and withdraw the fish. Spinning freshwater hunter is better in the period March-November. If fishing occurs on a pond or lake, you should look for pike off the coast with a steep ledge or water the bushes. If on the river, then holding the spoon will be more effective as close to the bottom.

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