Error when fishing for pike (part 4)

Ten mistakes we’ve already covered…

Error 11. Caution pike is no different.

When it comes to catching walleye in the deep, the fish are really hard to confuse the noises that occur on shore or in the boat, Another thing, when fishing in shallow water with a depth of a meter and less, and also transparent water. In this situation, the masking must be crucial! On the shore, and the boat needs to sit in the «quieter water below the grass.» All the blows of the stones and the discussions talkative fishermen scaring the walleye, especially calm, keep in mind this axiom is constantly in a bad bite. Many fishermen claim that in calm weather to fish harder and it is very bad takes than when a small ripple .


I also agree with this statement , and in calm weather, it is not excluded to come home with a good catch, with the difference that the behavior of the angler on the Bank should not match the behavior in windy weather. The most important thing when there is no wind — no noise on the shore. Closer to shore need a cat, try to ensure that the steps were quiet, and to prevent noise of stone and pebbles. Such impacts are transmitted to the water, and perch, usually very large, will immediately depart from the place your fishing or will freeze and will not attract him with your charms. To speak and to be quiet with a fishing rod on the shore not worth it. I’ve given up fishing containers and a huge «trunks» — enough For the eyes of two small korobochek that fit in the pockets, with the ammunition and to move from place to place along the shore is comfortable, and no noise. When fishing in calm weather it is better to sit on the stone and not stand. In calm weather the water is clarified, and pike, with not a bad sight at a shallow depth sees well all that is not only under water, and on top of it. If a fisherman sat on the stone, and the pike perch it is perceived in the image of the stone , and on the contrary, if standing catches, he perfectly stands out against the background of the island, and perch, usually big stops chasing the bait and goes in depth. If the water is muddy , and you can stand , but you need to pay attention to the direction from which the sun shines, particularly in the West, against the setting sun, the silhouette of the fisherman is visible perfectly, so look for the location of your shadow in the water, and the sun, avoid isolating you against the shore. or vegetation , it is Necessary to dress in camouflage colors. No matter how much your camouflage as important as masks. If not ignore all these features, the odds will increase dramatically even in the absence of bites. Don’t forget, the tackle should not «betray» you at the most critical moment. It will be very sad if we fail to realize the bite — because they may not be. There is no possibility to rapidly correct their own mistakes , it is better to prevent!


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