Error when fishing for pike (part 3)

Continue to list major mistakes when fishing for pike (see beginning).

Error 9. More fish away from the shore.

Very often repeated error of spinning, and not only beginners. Very long casts in the direction perpendicular to the coast is instilled in the minds of many fishermen as an axiom. In fact, the main direction of the shots should be along the shore at a large angle . In the current year, after the Kaliningrad Gulf during the ban was allowed to fish from the boat license , many anglers did not pay attention to the area of coastal fishing which reflected badly on their trophies.

In fact, the boat must be placed closer to the shore — and well, if the boat anchored a few feet from shore, if two meters is not desirable, and quite bad — five meters or more. The main number of bites is near the shore, at a distance of one to two meters, and the fishermen who stand on this line, it throws the elementary Parking lot predator, in the end, the minimum number of bites, And those who catches from the shore, often on a hanging hook trophy. Not the best option is to throw toward the coast — as usual the shore rocks, put it in the bottom of the jig head and the hook can not be avoided, But if it drops to the bottom of it a stone ridge, the line of movement of the lure will not cross with regular places of bites. Fishing in the spring on the Kaliningrad Gulf — not true, from the island you catch or cast from a boat — you need not to throw from the shore, and parallel to the coast, it is better to put a jig head just a meter from the coastline , then further transitions to take her with each pass to two meters. Throw at great distance is not necessary. If the banks happen hooks, it is better to change jig head. To equip the bait lighter weight — it will smoothly and slowly sink to the bottom and will not cling to the stones And touch the bottom will get periodic nature of the degree will be formed already long.

Error 10. You need to hatch fish.

A large number of fishermen who are always doing another mistake — sitting in one place all day , At a bad biting is not the original decision to the Effect will be much greater if you seek out the «toothy». If catch from the shoreline — longer than ten minutes to linger not, the exception to this rule was the bite. In this case, this place will take more time. With craft time check the first place it is necessary to increase twice — and the reason is obvious — until swam made a lot of noise. A slave needs to calm down and come to the place of fishing . Place bites preferably than something to celebrate or remember to next time or on the way back even to try their luck.

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