Error when fishing for pike (part 2)

The first six errors we have considered here.

Error 7. Heavy jig — it is easier to catch.

It is believed that with intense biting, the greater the mass of the head — especially the larger size of the captured trophy. That is correct, but keep in mind that when weak Kleve — all exactly the opposite situation: the lighter the load, the probability to catch a good trophy above, and the extremely heavy head fish does not respond. Apart from the conditions of fishing at great depths is not allowed to use a head heavier than a certain mass. On the Kaliningrad Gulf best weight when fishing from the shore, from 3 to 6 gr.. More languid jigs (up to 9 — 10 gr.) you can use the gaps between the Islands, and the intensive course, when the head carries little weight, and there is no contact with the bottom. Why is it necessary to catch such little weight? The secret is simple, at shallow depths it is not possible to carry out step (posting).

In acute angle of entry of the fishing line in the shallow water to lift from the bottom of the hard head does not work, on the contrary, perfectly easy POPs up a few inches, then a little planning, realizing the similarity of transactions «steps. Except with a slight head less hooks. Heavy lasts through the mud and rocks often clings to them, and it’s not lures walleye

Error 8. More catch — if alive pull.

I must say that broach bait is slow, especially in low nibble. Not so important with all of this, I leave you step short or long, and how many turns of the coil between pause one, or five, principally as slowly as possible to hold the bait with a delay of a few seconds. The intensity of transactions — one of the main reasons that affects the biting of a pike perch, and to underestimate this moment means to remain without a catch. Being on rabale, I often watch as the fisherman turns the handle of the coil very fast, pulls out , throws the bait — and again high-speed wiring. To such transaction of interest does not occur — clever zadachnik that turns the turntable slowly, trying to procoat all configurations in the behavior of the lure is from this episode it is clear that an experienced fisherman and knows a lot about the secrets of fishing vessels, and not just walleye. Slow transaction toothy predator just loves. He will not chase the fish, which is in the lively form , and catch that problem. Another thing — the potential victim swims listlessly, «staggered along» a little distance, fell to the bottom, struggled but, after a little, again at the bottom . Here is probably the walleye will turn eyes on a «freebie» — because to catch the fish -«invalid», which to swim not, it is not easy. With slow reeling the whip of the rod to better hold up to the water surface at an angle of 40-45 degrees, in this case the shore (in the area of private bites) Twister will be less likely to cling to rocks ponds


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