Equipment for spring fishing

Fisherman fishing needs to be prepared for anything, especially in the spring. In the spring, anglers need to be ready to frequent changes in the weather, which greatly affects the fishing.In the spring not all the water is still there is ice,some are already free from the ice captivity,some are just beginning ,so it will be very inconvenient if you go fishing only with winter gear. To avoid such a situation ,you should prepare for spring fishing in advance, mindful of the fact that the ice from the ponds begins to descend. Therefore, we first need to find the right snap.

Fishing during the flood, not for the weak of fishermen. before you decide on a fishing spot, you need to gain a little patience, and it Oh as will be necessary for you. First shore washed by the water becomes very viscous,everywhere in the water to hang around old snags and dead shrubs. Of course, when you find the approximate place where the fish are,and it’s not too deep bays , such bays current carries debris from around the pond, you have to get rid of it. Even more painful will be you in that case, if you find a cool place will remain without a catch ,and all because have not picked up the desired gear.

The main spring fishing is that the gear you have for fishing , not a place for your gear! Before you go fishing, you need informed to decide on what body of water you will fish, what depth clean bottom , where can be fish. All these knowledge will be useful in the production of tooling which is good for the fishing.

After you can already pick up the line. Great fishing line diameter 0.12 mm, it is good that on the one hand it would be like a sail , and on the other it has good strength,this will allow you to get any driftwood or branch to cling to as your tackle,because in the spring it is not uncommon. Without a leash in the spring can not do,to make it better from the main line, previously make a knot, because if the leash breaks , it breaks in the place of the node,and the fishing line will be fine.

It remains to determine gruselle, everything is easy. Spring fishing always involves its own terms, ovoline often we fish in deep places with uneven flow. So use the simplest scheme of shipping your equipment. Grusak should be divided into two parts:the shepherd boy and it is the sinker. Take a shepherd boy from 0.05 to 0.5 grams,it should be placed after the node that secures the leash to the main line. The sinker should be placed at 30cm above, for example the length of your leash in 10 cm depth of the intended place of fishing meter,the sinker is attached at a distance of 30 cm from the hook.

The float should be primarily resistant. Perfect bobber teardrop shape, with two fastenings,the keel must be extended and weighted.If the water the strong current which sometimes happens in the spring,take the float ball 8mm without holes and without a keel. Long float to make better use of stagnant water.

If you take flight fishing a fishing rod ,down the line pick up, so that during casting the hook with the nozzle slightly touching the bottom, but not catching the bottom.

Fishing in the spring fisherman is always good, as the fisherman is his own master in the selection and transformation of the necessary gear in scoring.

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