Encyclopedia of the novice fisherman to use as bait common types of insects

Today we will discuss the nuances of the use of baits such as bloodworms, maggot, the larvae of bark beetles, Hulda.


This kind of bait is also called raspberries. We are talking about mosquito larva-gargunza. You can hear and other names: flax breeding, telconet.

Small bloodworms usually lure fish. Big, the bait onto the hook. In our country, the moth is very popular. It is noteworthy that the moth is applicable in all seasons, but most use it in the winter.

Experienced fishermen advised to keep bloodworms in methylenitan. This special container equipped with a lid with holes. To facilitate the nozzle bloodworms can pour starch.

Motyl has a very flexible body. This is the reason it lay in the water. One of the downsides of this bait inaccurate nozzle on the hook of it is squeezed out contents. You can catch one moth. However, the greater the effect fishing with a few of the moths.

Tip: if the butterflies don’t close the tip of the hook, you can hide it using the screw.

The reference to the experience of seasoned fishermen: freezing bloodworms exclude its damage, sticking together.


Features bait: good mobility, small size. Maggot is also a popular bait. His biting roach, bream, silver bream, carp, crucian carp, tench, IDE and other objects of fishing. Unlike bloodworms are mainly used in the summer. However, in winter on maggot to catch a Rudd, perch, roach.

Tip: to fishing maggots mix with flour and dip in vinegar. This trick will make them firmer, which greatly facilitates their use.

You can fish as a single or a few maggots. This point is determined by the size of hook, type of fish.

Tip: before you travel fishing, make sure your rod is equipped with a sharp and delicate crochet.

Feature tips: crochet pierced the thin skin that is necessary to ensure that the larvae remained alive and, therefore, alive.


These larvae can get under the bark. Can be found in the old truhly wood, for example, in the deck. Outwardly the bait like worms with a small (length up to 1 cm). The insects to which they belong determines their color: yellow, green, light brown.

The nuances of the nozzle are similar to those when using maggots. If hunting is on the small fish can put 1 larva. If the object of fishing is a big fish on the hook should not be less than two larvae.

On beetle larva biting roach, Rudd, bleak, bream, perch and other fish species actively feed in the spring.


This bait is also called a Blizzard. Habitats of larvae of mayflies river with silty and clayey soils. A few features of larvae: a short life (day), eggs are laid throughout, the departure of the adults we have evening hours, the transparency of the wings (can be white), massively insects fly from late spring.

As bait use mayfly, which is included in the diet of fish predators.

For the nozzle you need a small bait hooks. Experienced fishermen say that we should impose a few insects.

We will focus on this and wish you a comfortable and productive fishing.

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