Encyclopedia of the novice fisherman: the use of the common baits

The result of fishing depends on many factors, including the type of bait. So we decided to introduce you to some types of insects that the fish are biting.


It’s a big bait, the length of which can reach 30 mm. the Factors that determine the time of appearance of the may beetle: a region, a type of insect. The may beetle can be observed from late April until mid-summer. At this time usually the lilacs bloom.

Place and time of collection of the bait: spring time (before the appearance of thick grass) and old leaves. Later it can be found in trees of deciduous breeds. By the way, as bait applicable larva, the insects. It is called the omentum. What good it is? It is easy to produce. Gathering place: garden, rotted manure, rotting of last year’s foliage. Practice experienced anglers suggests that it is better to collect individuals with a length of 20 mm.


Usually included in the diet of fish species that feeds in the summer and feed in the upper layers of water. It is very fast moving insects, which gather in the morning on the grass.

Grandmother of special interest for lovers of fishing with fly fishing. The best way the nozzle on the hook: stinger hook transmission through the breast area. To do this, cut the wings and the body of the bait is tied to a leash.

Favorite dish» of many fish species is the dragonfly larvae, called catharoi. Its characteristics: brownish-green, six legs, rudimentary wings, a passive life, living in Il.

Before turning into an adult, the larvae crawl out onto land. At this time begin to flower gardens (best collection).


They can often be seen near rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Of course they are in the water and become food for fish.

Tip: use grasshoppers as close as possible to the surface of the water.

Habitat bait – Luga. The hotter, the greater the probability of catching grasshoppers.


This kind of bait represented by a small live fish used when fishing for predatory fish.

Tip: when choosing cuttings give preference to more energetic persons. They will be more likely to attract and catch a predator.

Some examples of small fish used as bait: surenos, Karasik, podjasek, eel. The way the bait has a length equal to 10-15 cm

Options nozzles: perforation under the upper fin, passing the leash through the gills into the mouth and putting on double loop.


This bait will take fish, the length of which does not exceed 4 cm Catch her using fine-meshed nets called melanocytoma and warm in the morning.

The nuances of storing, transporting, comply with the same as when using cuttings. However, in the first case, can not do without the careful use of bait.

Used fishing – float rod. In the autumn fry are perch, small pickerel. Place of pulling the hook: lip, nostrils, back.

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