Encyclopedia of the novice fisherman that floats

Everyone knows what a float cabin, but few have heard about other detectors, for example, nods. In any case, they are intended to visualize the bite, and also maintain the hook with a nozzle at a predetermined depth.


Experienced fishermen prefer to use the detectors of their own making. In the course are the most simple materials: tree bark; cork, COOGEE (we are talking about one of the types of cane), bird feathers (gusinka). All of these natural materials. Alternatives of artificial origin: the foam and others.

The behavior of the float is a kind of marker indicating the time sweeps.

Help: hooking know a sharp jerk of the line, which is carried out with the purpose of «packing» the fish on the hook.

The range of floats is striking in its diversity. The main criteria when choosing a float are: shape, size.

Design features

Traditionally, the floats consist of:

1. The visible part of the antenna, also called a beacon.

2. The floating part of the body, balances the ogruzka (we are talking about the total weight shipped and the hook).

3. The bottom or so-called keel, which is essential for the sustainability of the indicator. On the bottom of the attached forests. For this purpose, end sleeves. The bottom of them needs to be long enough to go from the keel on the line. Otherwise, the float will salesteams when casting.

The sensitivity of the float in the first place depends on its shape, size, material from which it is made, and other factors.

With decreasing surface part increases the sensitivity of the float (one of the ways of increasing the responsiveness of the float dipping it into 3/5 of the length). The more sensitive the float, the greater the probability of catching fish cautious types.

What can «tell» the sensitive float:

• his slight tremor indicates that the fish began to try the bait. Also this behavior of the indicator is the cause of the preparation vyvazhivanii;

• went under water and in the direction of a float, usually means that the fish grabbed the bait and, accordingly, the time has come of the trip;

• lies on its side, the new float may be due to lifting the bait from the bottom. Had a couple of breeding production.

The fishing line is attached to a modern factory floats using special rings, called «ears».

Good advice: if you first collect the tackle, then use the simplest method of connecting the float and Fox. First fold the line in half, then insert it into the eyelet of the alarm, throw back through it, tighten.

We have noted above that the main factors affect the sensitivity of the float. In addition, the responsiveness of this element of the set is determined by the number of fixation points on str is one or two.

With a sharp, obvious bites all clear. Beginners very difficult to define «situation» near the hook with gentle bites (quite common). In this case, priority float with two locking points. Than the restless surface of the water, the necessary signaling with a high degree of sensitivity. Also the float of the second type is positively associated with control rod, the visibility for the fish to bite.

If the planned fishing spot is a lake, a pond, i.e., water bodies with stagnant water, the tackle is necessary with the elongated float; if the river – with spindle-shaped (very long). Many fishermen utilize a tackle standing upright with floats. The reason for this advantage is an expressive touch transfer the fish to the bait. This feature does not harm even a strong wind.

When choosing a float are governed by the hook size and bait type and weight of the fish, potential fishing conditions.

If the object of fishing is the pike, then you need to get the largest floats, capable of holding live bait. In winter you can do the smallest floats. In principle, it is useful to complete the set of fisherman, a few floats, for example, light, medium, heavy and jucovy.

Fishing conditions and capacity of the float or the weight of sinkers:

• standing water, small fish from 3 to 5 m;

• the weak – from 6 to 10 m;

• long casts in windy weather, strong currents, 15 g;

• the object of fishing are major predators hold live bait – 30-40 g.

It is important to know:

weights are hung, while the entire body will not be in the water.

The center of gravity of the float must be as close as possible to the lower fixation point. This trick has a positive effect on the stability of the float, which is very important in the waves.

That’s all we wanted to tell you about floats. I hope you pocherpnete from this material knowledge, which in practice will make your fishing comfortable and effective.

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