Encyclopedia of the novice fisherman: nods, watches, coils

We will not consider this point, as the popularity of Amateur fishing. It’s obvious and growing from year to year. Note, however, that this kind of active rest is useful for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, NS the respiratory system. At the same time, it is not recommended for older people, if, however, fishing does not cover on foot the distance exceeding 2.5 km away. the Parents appeal to you. Do not let some young kids fishing, as you know, water is dangerous for them.

Today we will talk about these elements tackle anglers as nods, watches, coils.


This type of the indicator (the so-called pieces of gear that are intended to visualize the «work» of fish with an attachment, the contents of the hook, line, bait at a predetermined depth) is of interest for fans of winter fishing. They are relevant in the rigging when using the jig. Nods is a long and narrow plate. They are manufactured only from synthetics. They have holes or wire ring, through which is passed a forest.

How to choose the length of the nod? Need to make sure that under the weight of the lure in the water angle of about 45 degrees. Straightened nod, the increase of the bending angle is a signal that the fish start to pocelavat.


Their names it is clear that this device is a kind of «watcher» that lets you know about the bite. Usually this alarm is represented by a bell or winter imitation fish (we are talking about red flags, raise the steel spring).

In some types of fishing (spinning, fly fishing in wiring without float) detector is biting fishing line or fly-cord (when changing the bite angle of SAG) the same rod, which transmits the jerk fish arm angler.


It is also mandatory elements of fishing tackle, which include float fishing rods, and even bare-metal coils. The main advantage of this kind of alarm – a significant relief for the treatment of tackle. Also they need to increase or decrease the working of the line.

Good advice: when choosing a reel as a novice fisherman, prefer a light, durable options that «boast» a good move rotation and needs reliable brakes.

To put the reel on the rod, the butt making a special pen. It can be made of cork, foam, wood and other suitable materials.

The most complex device in spinning reels, since they are used for casting a lure (spinner) on the far distance, hooking and playing fish, that is, the coil here is one of the main elements of the tackle.

Reel of the spinning type is also used when fishing with a float and bottom fishing rods when fishing for fish for the road.

Well, that’s all we have planned for you to meet. Finally, we note that it is not necessary to neglect quality and other features of the elements of the gear. Everything should be balanced. At least strive for it.

We wish you a bag of fish on the first fishing trip and comfortable stay in the lap of nature.

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