Encyclopedia of the novice fisherman: from the design features of the spinning strategy use

Predatory fish have always been popular among fishermen. They are caught both from the shore and from boats. Apply tackle with bite alarms and «donkey». However, the best result gives the spinning. Alternative – imitation fish.

Our compatriots (and not only) prefer to catch a spinning.

What is meant by the term «spinning»?

He submitted Amateur or sports gear. In any case, as baits are used simulate a small fish, rarely insects and other delights. One of the advantages that we tackle, the artificial head can be used for a long time. A vivid example of this are metal baubles. Not to mention the applicability of the equipment for different types of reservoirs.

The fishermen who know the design features of the spinning, the nuances of its usage, habits, the habits of potential prey always come home with an enviable copies.

Strategy fishing spinning reel is very simple:

— casting a lure;

— immediate winding of line that pulls the lure as the latter does not provoke an attack of predator.

In a fishing trip is of great importance posting. More plausible than it will move, the more solid catch.

Unfortunately, not always the fish grabs the bait, so angler has to re-cut the forest and make a throw.

At the same time, even with a thin fishing line is the probability of catching five-desyatitsentovoy «fish».

Another advantage of spinning the applicability of small artificial flies, are included in the diet of peaceful fish, including the bleak.

Constructive and other features of a spinning

Classic tackle include:

— the rod has a choke ring;

— special coil;

— the forest;


A few words about the rod

Its length does not exceed three meters. Rod float tackle is usually longer. It should be durable, tough and light at the same time. The ring is a required structural element. On the rod coil is fixed by special fixture. Tip: when choosing a spinning rod make a bet on the model, featuring a large, comfortable handle. As a rule, material for it is tube, rubber with a porous structure. In any case, the priority is natural materials, as they are less cold palm.

Options rods: pin, telescopic.

As regards the cargo, its minimum weight is ten grams. Sinkers weighing more than 70 grams you most likely will not meet. In principle, the spinning fishing you can do without it, for example, in close casts.

Something to think about: in the Arsenal of many anglers are tackle the slightly rigid rods. They attribute this to the fact that overly rigid rods due to incorrect liner production to shore are often the cause of the rupture lips.

Another factors that determine the degree of usability of equipment: weight, length and balance of the rod.

Now let’s talk about crossing the rings. Title – «Tulip» — takes the brunt, podmahivala of line.

Many professionals rely on tackle with a two-handed rod because it allows you to catch a really heavy fish, facilitates the casting and, consequently, fishing as such. Not to mention maneuverability in the conduct of fish to shore facilities and management of potential prey. This rod will become an indispensable while fishing in areas with thick aquatic vegetation, various snags.

Almost any one-handed rod has the best portability. It is the perfect solution for fishing in places where the assassination of long rods is limited or completely unrealistic.

About the coils and other structural elements of the spinning you will learn from our next article.

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