Encyclopedia of the novice fisherman: fishing rod

Each type of fishing has its own gear. They are all in recreational fishing have similar components: a rod, fishing line, bite alarm, fishing reels, sinkers, hooks and bait.

Today we talk about the rods

They should provide long and accurate casting of fishing line with hook and bait in the right place, to facilitate cutting of the fish (we are talking about the introduction of the hook into the mouth tissue of fish) and the fish cut fish.

Options rods:

• natural;

• purpose built;

• whole;

• split.

The first kind of rods are presented to the natural lashes. Built are made of elastic materials.

For each method of fishing the rod selected special. This takes into account the features of the method of fishing, size and kind of fish.

In principle, you can fish without a fishing rod (lowering a fishing line with a hook in the water with the boat). However the rod is much more opportunity for the fisherman.

Form rod – long thin cone. The thickest section of the rod is the stick (called a butt), the thin – top, designed for fastening the fishing line.

When choosing a rod, keep in mind the following characteristics:

• length;

• degree of hardness;

• weight.

Ideally, the length must match characteristics of the reservoir, for example, width of irrigation canal, rivers. In any case, the rate must be made on a flexible, elastic, durable and light rod. After a dozen other plays, gets tired quickly, if it is heavy and awkward. Among other things, the length of the rod is determined by the conditions of fishing. It is in the range of 0.3-11 m.

The rod with the lack of flexibility and elasticity with a sharp jerk caught fish – a possible cause of rupture of the line.

Keep in mind that excessive flexibility of the rods affects the undercuts. Very tough rod leads to the rupture of lip production.

Also the rod klassificeret according to their structural features. They are:

• whole;

• components or modular, consisting of 2, 3 more knees. The latter are connected by means of metal rods, tubes;

• telescopic or sliding.

Another classification criterion UDilis – season. Everyone knows that fishing rods come in summer and winter.

Good rod for summer fishing should provide long and accurate casting tooling that you use a reliable hooking and playing fish to be easy to use, lightweight, strong and durable.

The materials of which make the summer fishing rods:

• hollow fibreglass (the most common);

• composite material containing carbon fibers;

• pure carbon fiber. Made from it are expensive and long rods. The main advantages of these rods include: their high strength, elasticity and lightness. Not without drawbacks: the high electrical conductivity of the material makes fishing near power lines are dangerous; some types of CFRP due to the low temperatures (even mild frost) to become fragile.

Winter fishing rods are made from:

• vinyl plastic;

• fiberglass.

The length of the rods winter fishing tackles much less such year.

Good advice: if you plan on fishing in a narrow river, channel, pond, pick up a fishing rod, the rod length which is equal to 2-2,5 m. If your plan is fishing involves long casts, you need to tackle with the rod length 3-4 m.

Beginners need to think several times before buying a fishing pole and a six-metre, heavy, bulky rod.

As a rule, in modern rods manufacturers provide soft grip, carrying ring, katushkoderzhatelem.

In some rods of the rings is not, and over time the scaffold is a hollow enclosure. What good are the rods? The answer is obvious – a possibility of tangling the line. Unfortunately, many implements of the rod upset their owners by the fact that after some time, su they fail the ring.

Plug rod is most suitable for fishing at long distance. Why? First casts a short line through the top of the knee (the people called the whale), then folds out another knee. Usually tackle this with fishing rods are anglers sportsmen.

Features of spinning rods: requires constant work with them; high technological level; elasticity; on the casting distance, strength surpass all float rods. Also the rod shorter by the aforementioned types of rods.

Spinning fishing rods are made of carbon fiber and composite materials.

Good advice: looking for a rod for spinning, at least, pay attention to the options with the arms of cork.

Spinning fishing rods are different lengths, the test class system.

The minimum length of a spinning rod when fishing from shore, 2.7 m. In this fishing spot as a small looping the river which have bushes of willows, reeds, it would be appropriate to tackle with a rod, a length of 1.65 m. How to convert feet to centimeters. Need length value multiplied by 30.

As for the test rods, it is understood the recommended weight of the lure. Units: grams; ounces. Do not expect a specific figure. This indicator is prescribed as a range, e.g., from 10 to 35 g.

The test rod is in direct proportion to his class. So, spinning rods can be ultralight, light, medium and heavy.

We, perhaps, stop. We hope that our information will be interesting and useful. Comfortable and productive fishing trip!

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