Encyclopedia of the novice fisherman: fishing line

Knowledge elements (types, design features) fishing gear is one of the guarantees of a comfortable and effective fishing. This applies to and twine, which we will talk about today.

Fishing line also called Liza. In any case, this transparent thread, the material of which is synthetic fiber nylon…). Fishing line is designed to connect all parts of the fishing rod: a hook and rod.

The scaffold is characterized by:

• diameter;

• strength;

• elasticity;

• aging resistance.

The value of the diameter of the line is in the range of 0.1-1 mm. This indicator determines the strength of the fishing line – from 0.3 to 30 kg.

On the background of the same diameter fishing line overseas in comparison with those of the domestic are more durable.

Available sizes, sold lines: 25; 50; 100; 120 m.

Fishermen usually choose the fishing line, which for the same diameter has the greatest strength, which is not always correct, as heavy-duty fishing line are characterized by high rigidity. Preference should be given to softer, smoother we have. If you’re catching is small fish, then the spinning would be appropriate of the forest, whose diameter is not greater than 0.35 mm Float rod correctly complement the fishing line diameter of 0.2 mm. Line-gossamer, the value of the diameter is 0.1 m, and almost invisible in water, but very confused, and there were loops and knots it harder to detect and remove.

The length of the line should be approximately equal to the length of the rod, then there will be less of a problem when casting.

It is important to know: features of the line should correspond to the maximum stiffness of the rod. So, thin forests are equipped with fishing rods and soft rods.

Good advice: as often as possible and resort to nodes poslablyayusche strength fishing line. First we need to learn a fishing knot – they connect two fishing lines. A good solution is to connect them with a method called «loop the loop».

For tying hooks and connection lines should be provided for sites that don’t work for gap.

Good advice: before each tying a knot maintain the scaffold for three to four minutes in water. This is especially true of thick and sufficiently elastic line. As the drying of the fishing line knot will be tightened stronger and stronger.

As established, the line is aging rapidly. Usually this is due to frequent temperature changes. Negatively on the fishing line as affected by hot, windy weather. The strength of the nylon thread after two or three fishermen is reduced by half. To the scaffold retained their properties for longer, it must be dried after fishing and store in sealed container in a free state, protect from light.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, the best place to store line has a refrigerator. In principle, you can use any other dry and cool place.

There are several ways of fastening the fishing line to the rod, the features of which have led to the separation of the rods into several types. Today they can meet the dead and running a snap.

Experienced anglers rely on running the snap-in, eliminating the need motoviltse. The role of the latter performs coil.

The name of the ring mounted on top of the gear end. Its shape is similar to that of the Tulip. This ring has a side stand, eliminates the possibility zahlyosta line.

The number of rings, intended to skip the line, determined by the length of the rod. So, if the rod length is equal to two meters, that will be quite sufficient for three or four rings. On the three-meter rod is installed on one or two rings more. The recommended distance from the coil to the first ring – 0.9 m.

Running rigging is good that ensures long-distance casting nozzle. Not to mention the operational control of the length of the line. The quality of this type of equipment largely depends on the coil.

We will focus on this. Finally, we wish you a comfortable and productive fishing.

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