Encyclopedia of the novice fisherman: fish fish

Perhaps not a fisherman, even with minimal experience who would not agree that the power of resistance of the object of fishing can at times exceed its mass. Not to argue with the following pattern – the more impressive the prey, the greater the load exerted on the gear, including a fishing-rod. In addition, this figure is higher in more active fish. In other words – the more and bigger the fish, the harder it is eyeliner under the shore. In this article, you will learn how to fish fish.

Many beginners mistakenly believe that the equipment of a fishing rod solid line is a cause for rapid withdrawal. Practice shows that in this matter of paramount importance to accuracy. Why? All just, unfortunately, extraction often clings to the hook with the tip of the lips. In such situations, strong tension fishing line can cause failure of the fish. How to minimize (eliminate) such an undesirable prospect? In this case the coil is priceless. It is useful to pay attention to the rod must be sufficiently elastic.

After each successful hooking the average angle between the driving gear and the water is 70 degrees. The exact value of the angle is determined by the design of the rods. There are cases of breakage of the rod, the cause of which is the neglect of the elastic properties of the rod.

Tip: when fishing for large fish do not throw back and hold the nozzle the whole line.

Experienced fishermen say that immediately after hooking the fish active actions inappropriate, the fish should bend tackle. Unacceptable lower end of the rod, if there is no risk of its breakdown.

Do not sit idly by, if production leads to a place where there is a risk of entanglement, leads the tackle for the snag, of aquatic vegetation.

It is important to know: not enough tired fish splashing on the surface, beats and, accordingly, there is a risk of gathering it from the hook.

Very early appeared on the surface of the fish is released by tilting the rod to the water and to the side. Unacceptable change in the angle formed by the rod and fishing line.

Jumps out at potential prey, the rope is released, the line is weakened. After solving the problem, they return to the desired position.

Strategy output when using the moving of the float: first, wide, sharp sweeps, then the fish come to the shore or boat. The forest podmahivala coil, while its length is equal to this rod. After the termination of the winding of the fishing line, the fisherman acts as a conventional float tackle.

Hope, purchased by article the theoretical material will be useful to you and will allow to avoid unsuccessful attempts at withdrawal.

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