Encyclopedia of the novice fisherman: a variety of donok

From year to year, the popularity of bottom gear, or a market intended for fishing (catfish, carp, bream, roach and so on) that collect food from the bottom of reservoirs. It is noteworthy that donkey have a rich history. They were used by our forefathers, if not more distant ancestors.

The popularity of market has led to their continuous improvement, modification. So today you can hear the specific names of the gear with different structures. So, in the Arsenal of the anglers can meet the most simple (classic) gear, zakidushku, gum, carousel, koltsovki, automatic and others.

This article is dedicated to zakidushki and elastic.


For design solutions in many respects similar to the classic Donk. They differ in length of line, size and weight. If a common ground applicable to all water bodies, zakidushka designed for rivers and flat bottom. Length of line, this equipment can reach one hundred meters, and the weight of the flat load of one hundred grams.

The place of fastening of the cargo – the main fishing line. It is usually tie a half-meter nylon cord. The method of tying a loop in a loop. Why use nylon cord? He is comfortable in the hand and facilitates long casts.

Zakidushka is not without drawbacks. The most significant of them after each retrieve from water tackle has to lay on the ground. In addition, a heavy load when casting tackle is the source of a loud slap, which deters the cautious fish. Therefore, many fishermen prefer the new options market, for example, elastic or the carousel.


It is integrated in all that is best in the classic Donk. Gum is ideal for fly fishing.

The design of the gear includes rubber cord thread (found a practical application in model aircraft). Its diameter is two millimeters and a length of ten meters. To one end of the filament is attached a heavy load, the second is the usual donacina forests with four or five leashes. The latter serve for the mounting of the hooks.

Fly fishing provided by the elastic, will be more effective if you Supplement it with float.

The elastic eliminates the need for bait. Although some fishermen do not refuse from it, for example, when fishing from the bottom.

The fact of the bite can be felt by hand (when hunting a fish that inhabits the upper layers of the water body) or by the hut (when fishing clean ground fish).

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