Encyclopedia of the novice angler: bait fish and prikazivanje

The results (catching, comfort) fishing is determined by many factors. These include the season, type of gear, especially the pond, anatomy and physiology of a species of fish. And it’s not all the nuances that you must learn and translate theory into practice novice angler. As before, a popular float fishing rods. So we decided to acquaint you with important moments like bait and prikazivanje fish.

What is meant by complementary feeding? It involves the stimulation of the appetite in the object of fishing, i.e. fish. Among other things, this trick reduces the alertness of the fish, which increases the probability of its bite and, consequently, the capture. As for provarivanija, it means exposure of fish to a specific location. This is achieved by spreading the feed.

Bait will result, if it is periodic. As shown experienced anglers lure should be every 30 minutes. At the same time we must understand that in this case the fanaticism is unacceptable. It should be noted that each specific nozzle used your bait. Here are some examples:

• if the bait is represented by the bread, then the correct solution would be to use bread, which can be black, white. This also applies to baits such as dough, cereal. In this case we apply the following mixture boiled potatoes, pasta;

• if you are using one of the common baits are worms, then you can donate part of it is to cut a couple of dozen worms and put them on the bait. Of course, it is not necessary to feed the fish suitable for fishing worms. By the way, if there is a problem with red worms as bait it will go white worms that can be found in any garden;

• if the fish is caught on the Shitik, maggots, need millet porridge, which serves as an alternative to steamed barley grain.

Note that the «mischief» with aromatic substances could have a negative impact on the result of fishing. A kilo of bait (fresh rye crackers, cereals) of high enriched one drop of flavoring. In fact, many fishermen refuse to chemistry, and prefer a cake to the meal.

Scatter feed is justified, if the bait will be in the time in which it is planned fishing.

To get simple bait needs small pieces of bait mixed with a filler (we are talking about wet clay, river sand). After thorough mixing, the ingredients will remain to form balls, the size of which should ideally coincide with that of a potato. Prerequisite – a dense mass of the mixture. This bait is good and the fact that it is very easy to use. Enough one-two ball to drop into place with the nozzle. This is done to request gear. If you do not want to bother with preparing bait, it is always possible to buy one from fishing shops. It is typically implemented in packages. Before buying, always make sure the bait is designed for species of fish that you plan to catch. Otherwise, it is likely wasted money.

Type of bait is important. However, you should know the best ways to use. For example, you’re a fan of fishing from a boat. In this case, no need for long casting bait. It would be correct to use the network bag. Enough to place the bait and lowered to the bottom. This method is applied both on the river and on the lake.

Prikazivanje is done using special feeders, which are typically wired bochkoobraznye spirals.

In the trough there is a tube required for the transmission line. At one end of the structure is toporok used for tying one or two leashes. For feeders of similar design have residuals, not the loose bait. Bait consistency does not guarantee casting of desired length.

We will focus on this and finally we wish a comfortable and productive fishing.

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