Encyclopedia of the budding angler of rosilah

Each year a growing number of fans of Amateur fishing, which involves the use of float rods and other permitted instruments. Fishing is one of the variants of active rest, which is interesting to both men, women and children. Serious medical representatives said that fishing is positively associated with performance and status of the respiratory system, HC, SSS. However, for people age and certain illnesses some restrictions, for example, they are contraindicated in long stay near the water, Hiking a distance of over 2.5 km Of fishing as an active day you can say a lot, but let’s move on to the main question. Today we look at the weights. The following material will help to choose the right tackle sinker.

Sinker is an integral part of fishing gear. It holds the nozzle at the depth, which specifies the fisherman. There is often a need to cast far, for example, on a wide river, a lake. This can be achieved by increasing the mass of the sinkers.

The traditional material used to make sinkers is the lead. It features a large specific gravity. In addition, lead is easy to handle. The most common form of sinkers – a round pellet, attached to a fishing line in such a way as compression is not until the end of the cut halves. If shipped whole, it does not matter. To solve this problem will help a normal knife.


Float fishing rods are equipped with light, small gruselle. Their weight ranges from 1 to 30 g Weights with a higher weight is appropriate, if the bait is used the cuttings.

The main factor influencing the weight, shape, size, the element of tackle, — float. Correctly matched sinker sinks the float to 2/3 of its height. If the float after the cast is not raised, the weight of sinkers is insufficient. Evidence of this also is gusinka. Of course the reason for the supine float can be is the bait on the bottom.

Good advice: often in practice there is a need for additional regulation of the shipping of the float, so try to you have always been a set of weights (this includes floats, hooks, bridge…).

In some cases, the fishing line experienced fishermen fastened two weights. They explain this by the fact that one big sinker is very noticeable, and therefore frightens the fish. Rigging the rod, make sure first sinker away from the hook at least 18 cm high by 22 cm

When fishing with great depth and there is a need for heavy equipment. Doing it this way – more than several pieces put a sliding sinker, which the forest goes smoothly, specially designed for her hole. This kind of weights allows to identify a weak bite.

Bottom fishing rods are equipped with gruselle with smooth forms. This considerably facilitates the process of getting gear. Clumsy often get stuck among the rocks and driftwood or draw on a lot of aquatic vegetation. Their weight depends on the strength of the current, the estimated casting distance, nature of the seabed and other conditions of fishing.

Any sinker you can buy at the sporting goods store, specialty stores. This is no problem. At the same time, experienced anglers prefer homemade.

Good advice: until you learn to produce complex options loaded, you can use thin lead plates.

Place a bet on dark matte sinkers. They are less frightens the fish.

Confirmation of the rationality of fishing is the fact fishing can be combined with other types of recreation, e.g., picnic, swimming.

We will focus on this. Finally, only we wish you a bag of fish on the first fishing and achievements in your other endeavors.

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