Elk hunting during the rut for deer how to lure the beast and where to firing

The most common deer hunting is considered hunting «on a roar». All Vida the deer rutting occurs in mid-September. Specifically, this time hunters and start hunting «on a roar». The duration of the rut by this method depends on many circumstances. An important role is played by the following points: what were the weather conditions last summer had plenty of feed, did not provide a variety of animal diseases and bad action. On average, the rut lasts until about mid-October. During the rut, males go to the forest clearing and issued a long roar, causing males-rivals in duels. Hearing the roar of a competitor, HART hurries to his call to take the fight to him. From time to time issue a roar and he and the other rival, then they are immediately followed by one to one.

But if one of them was inexperienced and too young, at the call of the male is he never responds, and approaches him in silence: he wants to first assess the power and strength of the enemy and only later make it to the fight. Specifically, this feature of the behavior of the animal and consumed by hunters. Hunt thus better together, with one of the hunters have to learn how to skillfully mimic the voice of male deer, using a special tube called «decoy».

The hunter is best to imitate the voice of a young male, not experienced old. Skill that from a young deer want to fight almost everything. It is best to hunt out in the morning at dawn, though the deer also respond well to the whistle and during evening events.

Reaching a forest inhabited by deer, the hunter begins to lure them, makes the typical noises with semolina. Uttered a sound once, you need to wait a while and listen. If the answer is no, you should change the space. But it is not necessary very quickly to leave a selected area for hunting: as mentioned, many deer on the voice go silent, not responding. So, after each «trills» you need to listen for about 15 min. not only to the voice of the animals, but also to other sounds — the crunch of twigs, the rustle of leaves, the snapping of twigs.

When a hunter summons of the trumpet, the 2nd is obliged to hold a gun and be ready all the time to fire. If the whistle sound has not responded the deer, you need to blow again and the relevant Reva to recognize, rises is the deer to the hunters or not. If the male is approaching, you must go to meet him, and, choosing a comfortable shooting space to conceal. From time to time to cast a vote, however, if the deer is close, it is better not to make sounds: the male has the ability to recognize the lie in his voice and retreat.

Instead, the hunters-professionals from time to time dry a club on the trunks of trees, simulating the sound of the horns on the branches. To fishing was successful, you need to know another one of the interesting features of deer: male, hearing the voice of a competitor, always goes to him straight and so exactly to the place whence he heard the roar. Therefore, to come is approaching the deer, and to depart from it it is necessary accurately along the lines. If the rut at the end, it’s usually the animal is not running at the roar of a male opponent, because it’s already got females. Operates the deer the opposite way: driving females and he retreats away from the opponent.

Need to aim to the neck or shoulder, it is best to make the secondary fell, to make sure that deer is dead. We must remember that during the rut deer opposition to injuries is increasing, so killing them is not easy. If the deer will leave the wounded to find him in the forest will be very difficult.

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