Effective bait for catching carp

Technoplants today recognized as the best universal bait used when fishing for carp. This remarkable development is relatively recent. But brand technoplants – pleasure not from cheap, and silver carp are successfully caught up to his invention.

Those who cannot afford to purchase this new, it is worth remembering checked the bait, which are not only effective but also affordable for every angler.


It is known that bait mixtures are designed for specific fish species taking into account their taste preferences. As for carp, that his diet includes such basic components as phytoplankton, zooplankton and detritus. Externally the main menu carp looks like a muddy cloud in the water, which he sucks at eating time. This means that to attract the attention of this fish will bait that creates a lot of turbidity. It is important that it was green and as accurately imitated natural micro-particles.

To create dense clouds of turbidity anglers often added to the composition of the mixture corn flour, dry milk, or a little bran. Carp also respond well and chopped aromatic herbs, podvarennoe and mashed young peas, the so-called cucumber pate. The fastening components can become breadcrumbs or well-ground meal. In practice better than the others showed the following recipes.

Nettle mixture

It is composed of 30% nettle, 40% clover and 30% grass that grows on the waterfront, where you will be fishing. All plants must be cut into large sharp knife and add to cucumbers, peeled (1-2 cucumbers a standard size/500 g of greens). All together should be crushed (using a conventional grinder) and leave for two hours to infuse. Then, the resulting mixture added to the bran (300 g of bran/ 1 kg of the mixture). The last component – the sand or cracovii sand slides (wormhole), which must all thoroughly.

Vanilla blend

It will have to take 1 kg of whole wheat flour, 1 kg milk powder, 500 g bran, 50 g starch, 5 g of vanilla sugar. As in previous option, you have the sand (or wormhole) that is mixed until the desired consistency. How to cook? Capacity in flour mixed with powdered milk, vanilla sugar and starch, then here it is necessary to add water and sand. The last two components are introduced gradually, while kneading. Next, pour in the mixture of bran, add a little more water and again mix everything. Infused vanilla mixture for about 20 minutes. The density of this mixture depends only on one thing — there’s a current in the pond or not. The stronger the current, the denser should be the bait.

Pea mixture

Ingredients: green peas and semolina – 1 kg, milk powder – 250 g Peas need to fill in a pot and pour it so that the water level was higher by 3 cm, Then put on the fire and wait. In the process of boiling the contents of the pan, it is desirable to stir, otherwise the peas will stick to the bottom. Cooking is necessary to its full cooking. The result of these manipulations will become a pea puree, which will only add gradually (stirring) of dry milk and semolina. Two or three drops of flavor «Anis» added to the mix will be a great attractant. Softness turned plastilinovye mass should be such that it can easily fill the bird feeder.

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