Educate Estonian hound hunting — the nature and standard of the breed

Educate Estonian hound hunting - the nature and standard of the breed

Some time ago, the existence of such breeds as the Estonian hound, in our country known only to specialists. However, with time and development of human capabilities, the popularity of the Estonian hound is very easily and seamlessly migrated to our country. The standard of this breed, which distinguishes it from other, mainly lies in its low growth.

The formation of breed, Estonian hound, has its own history and peculiarities. The work to create such a small breed as Estonian hound that was affected by the pre-revolutionary laws of Estonia. At the time, norms which differed from the modern and testified that the growth of the hunting dog was not supposed to exceed 45 cm. These standards were due to the specifics of hunting, typical of this state.

At that time it was a high density of population, small area of hunting grounds, climate. Breeding of this breed was initially used only the diminutive hounds. To better consolidate the growth of these dogs for many years knitting with the English hare hounds (beagles) and Swiss hounds. A slightly smaller part in the creation of the breed took Foxhound and Russian hound breed.

Educate Estonian hound hunting - the nature and standard of the breed

A great influence on the formation standard of the breed was also influenced by natural and climatic factors. Location of Estonia – coast, in a temperate climatic zone. Snow confidently is formed only in late winter, in February. Accordingly, the hunting season, which involved the hound, there is only the solid path. In such circumstances, the main advantage of hound’s got legs and a good sense of smell.

In order to develop Estonian hound the characteristics of the legs, they were crossed with the English Beagle. The main advantage of this breed is strong and thick paw. The Estonians never use only one eyesight, noticing prey. Pursue their goal they tend to be using only intuition and, therefore, to catch the beast it difficult for them. But in working with the wounded they simply have no equal. They can not only quickly identify the wounded beast, but also to suppress it.

Great work these dogs show when you hunt a Fox, despite the fact that tricky red cheat very often deceptive and can throw you off the scent. And thanks to its small growth, Estonian hounds can chase even polarisusa Fox, on its territory underground.

It can be noted that the Estonian hounds are the dogs which, because of their character traits and psychology of great learning and can start working almost six months old. Many puppies born in the spring, by September, a full-fledged assistants for the hunt. This breed of character great devicelost at least a great viscosity. Particularly well manifested these traits when these dogs work in a pack.

Young hounds, a characteristic work, with a special passion and so in the beginning they can make mistakes. But experts do not recommend to punish these dogs for excessive zeal and diligence. Otherwise, they can just cease to approach the hunter. There is a saying that in order to breed and train a good hound, you need to wear down at the heels two pairs of boots.

Educate Estonian hound hunting - the nature and standard of the breed

The most characteristic color for this breed is black piebald colour in the original spots. At the same time, restrictions on the size of the spots does not exist. Speckled with yellow, brown and scarlet and black colors also represent an acceptable norm. Level, short and hard hairs form the coat of this breed. Because the winter in Estonia, the soft undercoat of this dog is not well developed. Tail evenly covered with hair almost all over the length and thus has a little fat. The skull has a rounded shape and moderate size. But the muzzle is straight and elongated. The chest in the Estonian hound descended to Lokotkov and well developed. Eyes kosovato set, dark brown color. Dogs of this breed by nature is straight, strong and muscular back, over the line which produces the withers.

Experienced hunters, dog lovers, note that to hunt, for example, to the hare, it’s best with the Estonian hound. This dog is small in size, and animals that a bullet fly away from the other dogs, doing a very difficult job hunter, not too much of a hurry to get away from the undersized Estonian women.

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