Edible silicone bait

Today soft lures are gaining increasing popularity. There are several reasons. First, they are cheap enough at break tackle is not so a pity to lose the lure, such as lure. Secondly, silicone bait move more naturally in the water, that more likely provokes predator for attack.

Modern manufacturers have developed so-called edible «rubber». It is a conventional silicone fish with flavors and salt. Because the bait tastes the same as live fish, the predator has no desire to spit out what gives the best chance for sweeps.

The first developments in this area are not very different from modern analogues. Previously silicone was added only salt. Despite the simplicity of this ingredient, the raptors are very well patronised and the number of stairs of the catch decreased markedly. The fishermen noticed this feature quite some time, so as a bait often used finely chopped salted fish. Especially like had like pike. Often prefer fresh fish salted. Soon, almost all manufacturers began to add in their silicone fish salt.

Predatory fish do not really discern how much the particular salted bait. An experiment conducted in Texas, only confirmed this assumption. During the study, were fishing for bass on different baits with different degree of salinity. Perch held in my mouth all salty lures and was trying to spit out unsalted.

Later the producers decided to add attractants. This had an immediate effect on the performance and the interesting fishing. Perch and pikeperch, the results of the competition for fishing with soft lures proved to be the most gourmet, refusing conventional rubber fish, preferring edible gum.

The most progressive manufacturers of the silicone lures are Japanese. They consider every small detail when designing the next model, which leads to a greater ulovistost their lures. Latest development includes not only the attractants and salt, but full of visual similarity with a small wounded fish. Also in this model has special item in the water creates a vibration similar to this wounded victim. During field testing this design has shown a phenomenal efficiency.

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