Duck hunting with stuffed how to position and organize a hunt

Duck hunting with stuffed how to position and organize a hunt

Duck hunting with the use of stuffed birds has long been widely spread not only in the West, but also in our areas. Problems with the acquisition of stuffed animals does not occur, the selection is large. The most popular are the stuffed American and Italian manufacturers.

Hunters from foreign countries very often are planted about 70-100 pieces of stuffed birds at once. This makes sense because in a large flock at the reservoir sits and a greater number of ducks, which directly depends on quality and quantity of production.

Mass duck hunting starts early in the autumn, when the juveniles have grown, and the old out of the strong places. Ducks gather in flocks and make regular flights to places rich with food. On a rainy and cloudy day, wild ducks fly in the daytime without fear of predatory birds, which at this time does not hunt. To properly place stuffed animals on the pond, you need to know and designate the path of their flight from feeding grounds to resting places during the day. After this you need to build a blind or a hut in the reeds of the swamp or river. Uniforms should be camouflage, it is more suitable in colour to the environment and not as noticeable.

Close the blind on the water drop effigies and form one of the different number of herds, depending on the species of ducks that live in the area. It can be grey ducks, shovelers, Mallard or Teal. Mixing different species together is not recommended. For a successful hunt is usually planted 15-30 stuffed that they look free floating. Close to faux herd often some stuffed seagulls. For waterfowl they are the guarantee of peace of the pond, as the first rise up shouting, if you feel the slightest danger.

Distance from taxidermy animals to the blind usually does not exceed 20-25 metres. It is most convenient for the waiting and the shooting itself. If possible, more convincing to join a real stuffed decoy duck, it will serve as a guide and an extra decoy for wild ducks.

Modern manufacturers have taken care of the creation of an electronic decoy ducks. They work from electrical wires or operate from wind gusts. Such artificial decoy freely imitate the movements of swimming, swings with wings, eating the meal, and diving.

Landing of stuffed animals is carried out in an open area, so they are not lost between the bushes and reeds. Wild ducks never sit around the pond and swim no more than 1-2 meters. Birds usually fly up to the reservoir against the side of the wind, react to stuffed animals, if you do not feel danger.

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