Dragnet – fishing tackle

Dragnet is a fishing tackle. Also called the net. But this is not true. The main difference is the method of catching fish. Less features – constructive.

Simply put – the drag-net is a network of various cellular.

The cell size depends on what size fish will viewlevels. Also, the cell size is important when fishing overgrown with algae ponds. That is, the larger the cell the less it will get to tackle small fish and the dragnet not to twist and Dodge with a large number of algae.

When small aceitoso it is best to fish with a dragnet to clean areas of the pond, no algae. But on the other hand, the bulk of the fish just live in aquatic thickets. Therefore, the best option would be to use the ravings with a cellular network of 30 x 30 millimeters. This tackle will get the fish length of 100 mm and above, but can also get confused and small fish, particularly algae.

So the dragnet represents the network length of 30 to 100 meters, width of 1.5 – 2 meters. The edges are hardwood cuttings, or thrust a rounded cross-section with a diameter comfortable to grip by hand. Network to tie rods attached using a rope. In the upper part of the crap the pull rod is stretched a strong rope that is laced through the upper part of the network. There are the floats, usually foam, with a succession of approximately 40 cm between them. Floats are used to hold the top of the crap on the surface of the water.

Down between the rods stretched chain that serves as a ballast or anchor. The lower part of the network is bound to a chain. Instead of chain some anglers tie to the network of small stones or pieces of bricks, but it leads to inconvenience in fishing, so it is best chain dragnet.

Expanded the dragnet is a large net hood or pocket. At the end of this hood are weighted. The inner part of the nonsense called the stern. Fishing is done by drawing a break thrust along the coastal part of the reservoir with the subsequent release or pulling the bullshit on land. The length of the lug can be different and depends on a large number of fish, amount of algae, the depth of the reservoir. That is, if the dragnet catches a lot of algae, it is necessary to get to the shore and cleaned of algae with a selection of available fish.

In case of large instances in the tackle, dragnet want to output the leading part of the surface and then to shore, shaking a catch. This is done to ensure that big fish are not left in open water in the direction of drawing, or jumped over the tackle, which happens quite often. Larger specimens I in the network, which is very well felt by fishermen by vibration rods.

For fishing in small rivers and lakes is better to apply a small drag-net, with a length of 40 – 80 meters. For most of the catch stretching dragnet better in places, near the thickets of reeds near or algae, that is, in those places where the mass is hiding a fish. If there are small thickets of algae it is better to capture in the dragnet, as in this tangle will probably be hiding fish.

Note that in many countries fishing dragnet is not considered to be recreational fishing that is stipulated in the legislative documents.


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