Double-barrelled gun IZH-43, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Double-barrelled gun IZH-43, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Serial production of domestic double-barreled smooth-bore gun IZH-43 began in 1986. The gun was a model based on IZH-58ma. As a result domestic consumers received high-quality low-double-barreled shotgun with a horizontal arrangement of trunks.

Gunsmiths Izhevsk mechanical plant was moved to new weapons all that was best in the model IZH-58, which pleased the hunters of the Soviet Union since 1958. Of upgrades and improvements the gun IZH-43 universal trigger mechanism (USM) that allows you to shoot from different barrels in the correct sequence, the order of the shots was determined by the sequence of pressing the trigger. Unfortunately, the capacity of Izhevsk plant failed to provide all consumers with a rifle IZH-43 with USM, and it was decided the additional issue of modification of the IZH-43 with standard off the trigger hooks. This model was referred to as IL-43M. In addition to the universal trigger gun IZH-43 was equipped with a new modification of the safety mechanism in which the circuit was performed only on the two under-barrel hook.

Double-barreled smooth-bore gun IZH-43 is carried out with trunks of the 12th and 16th caliber with a chamber length of 70 mm and 76 mm. Guns are manufactured with a barrel length of from 510 to 750 mm and standard chokes choke and polochak. Weight hunting rifle does not exceed 3.3 kg

Double-barreled shotgun IZH-43 (modern index, Mr-43) was produced and is available in several versions:

— standard variant of the IZH-43 (MP-43);

standard version of the installed ejector (with possibility to switch off) IL-43e.

— option double barrel shotgun with one trigger IZH-43-1C. In a single trigger mounted selector switch-the selector sequence of shots. The same model with installed ejector has an index of IZH-43e-1S.

two models with external trigger IZH-43K and IL-43kn, is available for fans to construct the weapons without opening it.

Like any other weapon of the Izhevsk mechanical plant, double barrel shotgun IZH-43 is available in block and gift designs, which will appeal to hunters collectors.

Double-barrelled gun IZH-43, its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages

Ease of use, classic looking hunting rifle IZH-43 gained the attention of consumers around the world. The model has received a prestigious award at the Leipzig fair. The gun has a great prekladatele and balance, easily disassembled and maintained. Unfortunately, as already stated above, the serial production of IZH-43 with universal trigger was stopped, and now these weapons can be purchased only on request. To order you can buy a modification with a removable muzzle attachments, with different values of choke constriction. The model is very reliable, the gun can withstand severe operating conditions. Due to the changeable muzzle nozzles shotgun IZH-43 can be considered universal for different types of hunting. The weapon is ideal for hunting small and medium-sized animal, and of course in the country.

Among the shortcomings that have been observed by hunters, who exploited the gun IZH-43, first and foremost, a low quality of performance of those weapons, which in recent years began to improve. Gun after leaving the factory requires substantial manual revision. The second drawback is the tone of the appearance in comparison with foreign analogues, does not help even artificial performance weapons. In spite of this, a double-barrelled gun IZH-43 (MP-43) is very popular among hunters, it is particularly well suited hunters-beginners, Amateurs.

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