Do catchability plate

Be purchased in our market are not yet capabilities, if only through the Internet shops in overseas countries. But that’s not the only reason to make such a tackle. To make efficient plate will take quite a bit of time, about 5-10 minutes, but the benefits that it can bring you on the next fishing trip is invaluable.

The first step you need to decide what weight bait is needed and the next size. The chatter is not a great size for pike should have approximately these dimensions: the maximum width of 2-2,5 cm, height of about 3 inches.

For the manufacture of chatter suitable as material any metal plate. Even a piece of a tin can, not too thick and not too thin. With a thickness of about 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters.

Make a hole in the bottom of the Tayler for attaching bait. At this point, we should act precisely because Taylor should have free movement in the eye of the jig head in the posting process. For this reason, you should choose a jig head with ears of large size. Just above the hole made for bait do two more, one for attaching the metal leash and the other for the clasp.

Now you need to prepare the very jig head.In the fire heat a little eyelet and straighten it to the state in which you will be able to insert the record. The average weight of the head, for catching of a pike in stroikah and medium-sized rivers is from 5 to 14 grams. When carrying out the chatter pretty much resists and purusit,but nevertheless it does not make into the top layer of water. If heads, the greater the weight of the conventional plate is suitable mainly for fishing jigs on medium speed, then head for easier ideal for slow and uniform transactions among aquatic vegetation.

Next, insert the plate into the ear and pinched it with pliers. In this position the plate will play in the water, being located almost under the angle of 90 degrees with respect to the jig head.For the same, to being on the reservoir to change the game ,simply bend the upper part of the petal in one direction or another.

To equip the chatter clasp ,sometimes you need a little bend,but if you make a hole for a small distance and their diameter is of sufficient size, the standard clasp will dress up very easily. However, this lure is equipped with a clasp almost forever to remove and wear it while fishing is still not desirable. And no matter what type you choose the clasp,snap on the bait needs so that all those parts of that act and is able to cling to the grass or the mud,were located in places not accessible to them. And, of course, after the clasp is dressed, commit it so that without the assistance of auxiliary tools to remove it was impossible.


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