Distinctive features of different types of hunting weapons

Firearms, the primary purpose of which is to use it for the purpose of production animals and birds, is called hunting. There are a huge number of various modifications of hunting firearms. In order for your chosen product brought pleasure in the process of hunting, were long and true, particular attention should be paid to his or her choice.

To select a hunting rifle it is necessary to study the complex characteristics inherent in different types of products, to pay attention to his system and features. Also, in the process of selection must take into account the conditions in which you use it, the types of animals and birds on which you will hunt.

For convenience, you can allocate the following types of hunting rifles:

  • for firing fraction;
  • for shooting buckshot and the bullets;
  • combined items
  • for firing bullets.

The first type of hunting rifle used most widely. The main part of this product is a smooth barrel (no rifling of the barrel). The firing of this weapon is the special cartridges equipped in fraction or buckshot. Also, they are able to make a shot with bullets, cast lead ball.

Widespread shotgun pellet rifles with two barrels arranged horizontally or in the vertical plane (another name — bokflint).

Shotguns firing buckshot and bullets is, as the name implies, for firing, how choked with bullets and buckshot. This is possible because of the peculiarities of the manufacture of the barrel. The rifling of the special forms allow the shot to give the pool rotational motion necessary for an accurate shot. However, the same rifling, its wide shape allows the pellets to overcome the bore without twisting, which contributes to the accuracy of the shot.

Combo guns are a combination of the above-considered types. Are used during production multicore designs with a combination of smooth trunks and barrels with rifling.

Bullet guns are used for hunting with the use of different types and calibers of bullets. They are distributed among hunters on elephants, rhinos, moose and other big game. Also, bullet guns used by the hunters for fur animals. It all depends on the caliber of the product and its use.

For the correct selection of hunting weapons is necessary to consider many different factors. However, the above review of different types of hunting weapons will help to make the right choice.

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