Diseases of game animals,and safety precautions not to get infected

The hunter should know the main diseases of wild animals, in order to be able to undertake the necessary steps when working with hunting trophies.

There are two main types of infectious wildlife diseases: infectious and parasitic. Most of these diseases can develop both domestic and wild animals. Also, some diseases cause the death of animals can be dangerous for people.

Preventive measures:

For the timely prevention of diseases and elimination:

— Carefully observe rules of personal hygiene.

— The meat of wild animals can be consumed only after checking with the help of experts mascontrol stations or veterinarians.

— Do not throw on the terrain of carcasses of hunted animals, and do not need to feed the dogs internal organs or meat.

— Every hunting has a special place for burial of dead animals, animal burial.

— The place where dead animals should be decontaminated or special chemicals or possibly a fire.

— Use the restroom is not available for wild animals.

— It is necessary to conduct deworming of people and also farm animals, hunting and working dogs, cats at least four times a year.

-You should also disinfect the detention of farm animals.

Stray dogs, cats, and parasites such as mice and rodents should be regularly destroy

Anthrax. Is an acute infectious disease accompanied by fever. Ill people, domestic and wild animals. Apply aerobic Bacillus, which forms in the living body of the capsule, and outside of it – controversy. Protection against anthrax is the observance of veterinary-sanitary norms and procedures.


It is an acute infectious disease. Distributed virus, which is transmitted with the saliva during a bite from an infected animal. As sick as people and Pets , including birds. Most often seen in deer, badgers, deer, goats, bears, Martens, squirrels, raccoon dogs, foxes and other wild animals.


Is a chronic infectious disease of all animals and humans.

The source of the disease are sticks of three types: human, avian, cattle.

For the prevention of tuberculosis products from animals are inspected by veterinary specialist


The disease is typical for most wild and domestic animals and to people. Scientists have proved that in mammals, humans and birds shared one pathogen – protozoan parasite – Toxoplasma gondii. In this case, you may contract from animals and from other people.

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