Description Persian Greyhound or everything you need to know to choose the dogs for hunting

Salyuk, breed fairly well-known. But not all people know this name. Dogs often called Greyhound, or rather a Persian Greyhound. This kind of dog appeared in Ancient Russia, approximately 3500 R. B. E. So the image of this breed of dogs can be found on stoneware. And in the 22nd century B. E. can be seen the image of the Persian greyhounds in Egyptian graves.

Besides, in Islam, this type of dog was considered sacred, in comparison with other breeds. The Bedouins thought the Arabian Greyhound is a breed of the gift of Allah, and so used these dogs for hunting hares, Gazelle and other animals. Also, the people loved and respected their dogs. They enjoyed special respect. And of course living together with people in tents. And when people were going hunting, it drove my dogs to the destination by camel.

The appearance of Persian Greyhound

Appearance, Salyuk looks very slim and elegant dog. The Persian Greyhound is very hardy, its long and beautiful head equipped with powerful jaws. Her legs are slender, but very strong and wiry. The belly is tucked up, and his chest is very deep. This looks to Salyuk just need. After all, they need power in order to catch the prey quickly and not be tired.

There is also a kind of Saluki, long-haired. In this breed on the ears and rear paws with the exterior side has the bumps, that is adorning feathered. But Salyuk with short hair, such feathering is not. But there is nothing to worry, and you can find its advantages. For example, shorthaired dogs are never shed. And after the hunt it will be much easier to put in order a dog with short hair than to comb repaha and ruffled the coat of long-haired Salyuk.

The Persian Greyhound is a very clean dog. She rarely sheds and does not spread a specific smell of dog. So a dog can be kept in the house. After all, they are very friendly and love children.

Salyuk you can find different colors. They are piebald, with white being a ginger, pure white, the color of coffee with milk, black with copper shimmer and red. The unwanted color brindle.

The character of Hort’s very friendly, loyal and playful. But this type of dog be wary of strangers. Good with kids. The growth of the dog is about 60-70 inches, and bitch a lot less – 17 – 25.

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