December fishing

The December days are short. Everything is covered in white fluffy snow blanket. Small ponds and calm rivers rise from the first serious frosts. In places overgrown with tall grass, were still the Windows of the water, is surrounded by a thin crust of ice. Ice on reservoirs becomes nonuniform. Shallow part near the shore is frozen from the first temperature drops. Areas over the pits and running places are covered with ice in the midst of the frost. Considering this feature in early December, don’t count on solid production. The bulk of the catch will consist of fish that lives near the coast: small Ososkov, roach, small jacks. With the formation of ice over the deeper places of the trophies can be fairly large bream, perch, pike perch and pike.

The second half of December, you notice that the biting performance in all water bodies. First of all, the fish falls into a stupor in ngoboka herbaceous closed lakes. On the contrary, in lakes and rivers with inflow water fishing is superb. Fish on time, quiet, in places with a drop in atmospheric pressure, and when the wind is blowing from North, Northwest or northeast.

The nibble fish in December active the whole day, it is only necessary to find a good place.

Where to look for fish in December? At intermediate depths perch. In the reeds – quite a large roach and ukleja. In shallow water got tricky Rudd. Bream with the onset of December, falling into a deep pit where the water is warmer. In pools near the dam feeding perch. In December, with decreasing temperature, starts active feeding period of the fish before spawning. Almost universally caught «Royal fish» – the ruff.

Finding the «fish place», it should properly prepare. Since the December ice is transparent, the location of the angler requires masking. Most often for this purpose, fir spruce branches armfuls of dry grass. If you can not get specified will fit any of the things the fishermen, which is not a pity to throw on the ice.

The success of the fishing in December is enhanced by feeding fish. The most popular bait – bran, bloodworms, small feed.

Although the December fishing and not bring a rich prey, especially a good fishing perch and pike by trolling or live bait. When choosing lures, the choice must be stopped on the Golden tones in Sunny days and silver on cloudy days.

A real problem can turn into a search for fish bait. Small fish, generally accumulate in the bushes, to which access is difficult because of thin ice or at depth from the high Bank. Most often a fisherman, desperate to catch fish change replaces live bait fish silicone, suitable in color and size.

During the formation of ice on rivers and lakes is the most popular fishing gear of course, winter fishing rod. Equip her with the condition that the baited hook was on the cast near the bottom, and the float is immersed in water for 1-2 cm.

As baits for winter fishing use a variety of lures, flies, imitations of insects.

So, warm clothes, winter gear, ice screws and go on a brilliant December ice!

Good luck and be careful.

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