December and perch

The last five years, in the middle zone, the Dec will not meet the expectations of fishermen. The reason — constant weather anomalies. In the best case, the ice is formed only to the middle of the month. Fishermen go on the ice closer to the new year, considering this time privaledges, and for fish it is almost gluhozime. Fishermen weather the trick, of course, to the detriment, as they catch a lot less fish than I would like to catch. Perches, on the contrary, bad Dec good. Because each anomalous year the number of striped brethren increases, therefore, increases the number of large perch. Large bass is a coveted trophy for any angler.

Look for bass is easy, but have to work. Work involves walking for long distances on the ice, and in drilling large number of holes. In December, the bass walks all over the lake.

Methods of perch – a lot. The main ones are two: the spinner and the jig. Quickly find and catch flash. There are fans of the winter spinners, but besnilian in times less than karmyshakov. In turn, Morrisette are divided into two castes: the first «motility», the second «bismuthinite» (or «bezusadochnye»).

Jig with bloodworm

The nozzle on the hook can be not only a moth, but the maggot, the larva burdock moth. Jig head sinks to the bottom and only three transactions to determine whether there are fish in this place.

The scheme can be. Drop the jig to the bottom. Knock on the bottom 5 – 10 times. We have a break. (If you pause, the lure lies on the bottom, and a nod bent under her weight.) The pause can occur bite. If biting is not present, begin a slow vertical wiring with a small frequency of oscillation of nod. Raise the jig from the bottom 30-50cm. Then quickly drop the jig again to the bottom. The bite may occur at any stage of the transaction. If the bite there is a catch, and if not, after 3 transactions, change the hole.

Mormyshka without a nozzle

It’s more complicated. Spinners should be special – bezmetallny. The meaning is as follows. The whip rod, nod, fishing line, jig constitute the resonant circuit. The elasticity of nod, its length, the diameter of fishing line — all matched to the weight of the jig. The jig itself in the fluctuations of nod is not jumping in the water up and down entire body, swinging about the vertical axis, which is line. Hook — and-down, body up, body down, hook – up etc. On the shank of the jig wear to counterbalance different color beads. One, two or three beads.

Search bass the same search with nozzles jig. This drilling large number of holes in different places and harvest each. The harvest of the hole doing so. Find the jig the bottom. Knock 5 – 10 times. Pause. (The pause can be bite). The rise of the high frequency vibrations of nod. This frequency is transferred to the jig, which bobs as well with very high frequency. Doing two transactions with great frequency, and the third a slow rise, but with a low frequency. At any stage of harvest is possible for the fish to bite. It is necessary to strike instantly. Otherwise the fish has time to spit out the jig. Three Postings were made, no fish, change the hole. If bite – catch, the bite stopped – change the hole.


A jig to catch bass is harder than the previous two ways. Here is the first place in the vehicle turns the spinner. More precisely, the spinners properties: size, type, weight, what a game.

When fishing the jig, drill and walk left. The game is a jig about it looks. Drop the spoon to the bottom. Raise it a few inches. It’s original position. Make a relaxed hand with a short motion and then drop the spinning in the original position. Start the countdown pause. A pause may be in December, from 2 to 4 seconds. Then the cycle «stroke — starting position – pause» repeat. This is the basic wiring. From her created a huge number of options. Everyone has experienced blesnenii a set of options transactions constitute a «signature.» Bite watching to nod. There are strong jerks which are felt by the hand.

The theme of spinners is so huge that describing it a few paragraphs is impossible.


Winter fishing remains the most accessible to all segments of our people. Fishing rod and fishing line is cheap. The box can do it yourself. Warm clothes and boots to find — no problem. If the budget allows, you can purchase clothes and shoes made of modern materials in fishing stores.

Fish! You nor tail, nor scales! Be happy.

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