Custom baits for carp fishing

Most anglers are accustomed to using such traditional baits like bread, worm, maggots, bloodworm. Despite the fact that they are considered the most popular and effective lures, sometimes the fish wants to bite. If this situation occurs, do not despair and finish fishing! Should try something new – a custom bait.

Most often the fish are not picky eaters, but there are also real foodies and to catch them you need to be creative. And thus, when regular lures do not work, we can help:

The lure of carrots and corn

Used for fishing in summer and winter. The family Cyprinidae are considered to be lovers of plant foods (peas, corn), and they are especially fond of carrots. In the preparation of which is no big deal, you need to boil it until it becomes soft and at the end cut into cubes. For greater convenience in fishing using canned corn. It keeps its taste and color to the fish. The grain is well kept on the hook on the hair and installation.

The lure of Hercules

Widely used as bait oat flakes, choosing which should be preferred to larger ones. Because they would rather stay on the hook. Methods of cooking there are many, but the porridge to steam. The flavor in the water will be strong and attractive to fish. For its preparation is enough to take a sieve and fill it half Cup oats, then pour (5-10 seconds) of boiling water.

The lure of potato

One of the best carp baits. The potato is cooked until soft, and to give strong flavor and taste, try, cook it with egg yolk. Then the potatoes and crumble the yolk and roll into a ball, and that the mass is the most viscous, add a little test. Ball size should be matched to the size of the hook. From dishes no carp will not give up!

The lure of fat

The advantage of such bait is that it firmly holds on the hook. For this is conventional and preferably not very solid fat. Happy fish eat bacon with garlic. The fat can be cut dices, strips. Once in the water, it swells, shaggy and the fish are willing to bite it.

Based on the experience of many anglers nowadays the market offers various industrial lure. Often, however, almost every fisherman makes their own hands, contributing to the invention of new lures. I would like to note that the above types of baits is a budget and very effective.

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